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Eugene Mueller, Ph.D.

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Charles L. Bloch Professor of Chemistry

MuellerEmail Eugene Mueller
Phone Number: 502-852-5811 (Office)
Fax Number:
Address:     Department of Chemistry
                       University of Louisville
                       Louisville, KY 40292
Ph. D. 1992, Harvard University



  • Edward Miracco, Graduate Student
  • Sanjay K. Singh, Postdoc
  • Yizhou Xie, Graduate Student
  • Govardhan Reddy Veerareddygari, Graduate Student


Research Interests:

  • Enzymology
  • tRNA Modification
  • Sulfur Transfer
  • Bioorganic Mechanism


Selected Publications:

  1. Crystal Structure of Pseudouridine Synthase RluA: Indirect Sequence Readout through Protein-Induced RNA Structure C. Hoang, J. Chen, C. A. Vizthum, J. M. Kandel, C. S. Hamilton, E. G. Mueller, and A. R. Ferré-d'Amaré Mol. Cell 2006, 24, 535-545
  2. Mechanistic Investigations of the Pseudouridine Synthase RluA Using RNA Containing 5-Fluorouridine C. S. Hamilton, T. M. Greco, C. A. Vizthum, J. M. Ginter, M. V. Johnston, and E. G. Mueller Biochemistry 2006, 39, 12019-12038
  3. Direct evidence for enzyme persulfide and disulfide intermediates during 4-thiouridine biosynthesis C. M. Wright, G. D. Christman, A. M. Snellinger, M. V. Johnston, and E. G. Mueller Chem. Comm. 2006, 3104-3106
  4. Trafficking in persulfides: delivering sulfur in biosynthetic pathways E. G. Mueller Nature Chem. Biol. 2006, 4, 185-194



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