2014 SUN Grant Call for Proposals

The SUN Grant application process for 2014 is now available.

The Ideas to Action Steering Committee invites i2a SUN Grant applications for academic projects in support of unit i2a priorities. For the 2014 SUN Grant cycle, the i2a Steering Committee will award monies to select proposals submitted for funding consideration by the unit i2a Leadership Committee chair in support of their prioritized i2a projects or activities to take place in the 2014-2015 academic year. Faculty are encouraged to submit proposals for consideration to their respective unit i2a Leadership Committee. Examples of projects may include:

  • constructing assessments;
  • implementing assignments;
  • developing resources for students, faculty and staff (e.g. critical thinking training modules);
  • offering learning communities;
  • strengthening the measurement of i2a student learning outcomes (SLOs); and cross-disciplinary projects.

Funded projects are expected to be implemented in an academic year, from July 1 to June 30.

The SUN Grants will fund select proposals up to $4,000 that are submitted by the unit i2a Leadership Committee for funding consideration.

SUN Grant application submission is a two-step process:

  • JANUARY 21, 2014: Individual proposals submitted to the respective unit i2a Leadership Committee
  • FEBRUARY 3, 2014: Unit i2a Leadership Committee proposals submitted to i2a Steering Committee

i2a Introduction

Ideas to Action (i2a) is a multi-year effort supported by the Provost to promote meaningful transformation of our undergraduate programs. The i2a initiative grew out of our commitment to fulfilling accreditation requirements set out by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS-COC). It requires member institutions to develop a practical, university-wide quality enhancement plan (QEP) to improve student learning. The university’s QEP was approved by SACS-COC in 2007 and the 5-Year Interim Report detaining implementation of the QEP was accepted by SACS-COC in July 2013.

For the second phase of i2a, which began in summer 2013, undergraduate schools and colleges created i2a Leadership Committees to support the sustained integration of the two i2a outcomes at the unit level. The SUN Grant proposal process has been revised to support the new i2a leadership structure. SUN Grant proposals may be generated by the unit i2a Leadership Committee or faculty may submit proposals for funding consideration to their respective unit i2a Leadership Committee.

For More Information

For specific information about the application process or previous SUN Grant recipients contact Dr. Cathy Bays, i2a Specialist for Assessment at 852.5105.

The SUN Grants are an internal grant program with guidelines established by the i2a Steering Committee and subject to University protocols. This grant program is designed to:

  1. foster significant enhancement to existing undergraduate academic projects, programs and curricula to meet i2a outcomes.
  2. support the permanent, sustained, long-term integration of i2a priorities into the undergraduate experience at UofL.

Budgets, administrative support, final reports, and dissemination of results are part of the requirements of this internal funding program.

i2a Outcomes

The focus of i2a is using critical thinking to foster student learning and community engagement. The two broad outcomes for i2a state that students will be able to:

  1. think critically and
  2. develop the ability to address authentic issues.

The Paul-Elder critical thinking framework has been selected to guide critical thinking activities related to i2a.

Specific student learning outcomes for i2a include:

  1. Applying the Elements of Thought (Information, Purpose, Interpretation & Inference, Key Question, Assumptions, Concepts, Implications & Consequences, and Point of View) in selected learning contexts.
  2. Using the Universal Intellectual Standards (Clarity, Accuracy, Precision, Relevance, Depth, Breadth, Logic, Significance, Fairness, and Completeness) as criteria for strengthening the quality of their reasoning.
  3. Demonstrating well-cultivated critical thinking skills when engaging in authentic learning experiences.
  4. Addressing authentic disciplinary issues in a culminating undergraduate experience (CUE).
  5. Fostering meaningful community engagement experiences.

The curricular focus of the project must support at least one of the following areas:

  • Critical Thinking-General Education Courses: incorporating or revising a critical thinking assignment and/or assessment in a General Education course. Funding priority will be given to approved General Education courses.
  • Critical Thinking-Major Courses: incorporating or revising a critical thinking assignment and/or assessment in a major course or courses.
  • Critical Thinking-CUE: development or refinement of a CUE project and/or assessments.
  • Addressing Community Issues: development or refinement of a project and/or assessment where students address a community issue.

Selection Process

All completed applications will be reviewed by a cross-disciplinary committee made up of members of the i2a Steering Committee. The i2a SUN Grant rubric will be used to rank proposals. Funding decisions will be made based on the project’s rubric score and based on the diversity of proposals across undergraduate units.

Submission Instructions

Unit Contacts for SUN Grant application questions are:

Arts and Sciences: Nancy Theriot

College of Business: Alan Attaway

College of Education and Human Development: Justin Cooper

Dental Hygiene: Jennifer Osborne

J.B. Speed School of Engineering: Jerry Willing

School of Music: Chad Sloan

School of Nursing: Ruth “Topsy” Staten

Raymond A Kent School of Social Work: Armon Perry

School of Public Health and Information Science: Pete Walton

Proposals for funding consideration:

  • must include the dean’s signature and
  • are submitted to the i2a Steering Committee via the unit i2a Leadership Committee chair.

A timeline for the submission and awarding of i2a SUN Grants is:

  • January 21, 2014-Individual proposals submitted to the respective unit i2a Leadership Committee for review and submission to the i2a Steering Committee for funding consideration
  • February 3, 2014-Unit i2a Leadership Committees submit selected proposals to the i2a Steering Committee for funding consideration
  • March 18, 2014-i2a Steering Committee funding decisions announced
  • April 2014-Beginning transfer of funds to units

Materials and Documents

Download the Application Guidelines (PDF)
Download the Application Form (DOC)
Download the Budget Sheet (DOC)
Download the Release Time Application (DOC)
Download the Final Report Document (DOC)
Download the Evaluation Rubric (DOC)

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