Doctorate of Philosophy in the Humanities

busts of Greek philosophers

Welcome to the PhD Program in Humanities.

Our program has recently been redesigned. Below, please see our all-new offerings, admissions information, and program requirements for the academic year 2014-15 onward.


Students in the Humanities PhD Program design individual, interdisciplinary courses of study.

The program is grounded in both historical and global perspectives on thought, the arts, and culture.

Our students work with a choice of over 135 notable scholars, artists, and writers across the Humanities, as well as in the Social Sciences and Sciences, Law, Medicine, Technology, and more.

In addition, our program is tied to institutions and organizations throughout the community, across the nation, and around the world.


The program currently offers two specialization options:

Culture, Criticism, and Contemporary Thought (C3T):
for scholars oriented toward the academy, museums, and other institutions and organizations employing doctoral degree recipients.
Public Arts and Letters (PAL):
for artists and writers across fields wishing to produce works of literature, art, music, opera, performance, film, and more that is deeply grounded in and informed by intensive scholarship.

Potential options in Medical Humanities and Global Adaptation and Translation are envisioned for the future.


The full-time study option is targeted to four years, with lighter requirements during summer. The part-time program, targeted to six years, serves busy professionals and those with other vital obligations.