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Ph.D. Program Admissions and Fees







1.   Admission to the Humanities PhD program is exclusively for the fall semester of each academic year.


2.   All materials must be received by January 15th for the following fall.  No late applications will be  accepted.


3.  All applicants must have completed an appropriate Master's degree (M.A., M.F.A., M.Div, etc.) prior to beginning the    program.


4.  All applicants must also have fulfilled all requirements of the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies (SIGS); please see the SIGS website.


5.  Required are:

   a)  The SIGS application; please see the SIGS website.

   b) A statement of intent (750-1000 words) detailing educational and   

        future professional goals;

   c)  A current academic curriculum vitae;

   d) A scholarly or creative writing sample (scholarly, fiction, creative   

       nonfiction: 5000-10,000 words; performance and film texts: 2500-

       5000 words; poetry: 1000-5000 words; for other genres, please contact

       the PhD Program Administrator.

   e) Official transcripts of all undergraduate- and graduate-level work.

   f)  Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test scores;

    g)  If applicable, proof of English proficiency;

   h)  Three letters of recommendation from former instructors attesting to

        capability for doctoral-level work; and:

   i) $60.00 application fee, paid to SIGS.


6.  Applicants planning to attend as full-time students and seeking financial support in the form of graduate teaching assistantships must also complete the GTAship application (please see below) and return it to the Humanities PhD Program Administrator (not SIGS).


7.  For questions regarding costs, financial aid, loans, other assistance, state residency, housing, and graduate life at UofL, please see the


8.  For any further questions regarding specificities of the Humanities PhD Program application, please e-mail the PhD Program Administrator.





Please see the SIGS website.





The PhD Program may at times have fellowships to award, at the discretion of the PhD Program Director, to exceptional applicants or extant students. 


Students eligible for such fellowships will be notified by the PhD Program Director.


Fellows are not permitted to hold any employment at or beyond UofL during the Fellowship period.  Outside employment constitutes grounds for dismissal both from the Fellowship and from the PhD program.





A very limited number of Graduate Teaching Assistantships are awarded yearly to selected full-time PhD candidates.  GTAships entitle students to receive tuition remission for the full-time courseload of 24 credits (9 each during the Fall and Spring semesters, and 6 in summer) per year.


The GTAship requires the holder to teach five courses each year in the undergraduate curriculum, including summer (ordinarily, two in fall, two in spring and one in summer).


GTAship Applications for program applicants, as well as extant program students, are available on the PhD Program website, and are due by January 15th for the fall of the following year.


GTAs are not permitted to hold any other employment at or beyond UofL during the GTAship period.  Outside employment constitutes grounds for dismissal both from the GTAship and from the PhD program.


In the cases of outside employment or poor teaching performance, a GTAship may be terminated mid-semester.


GTAships are renewed yearly at the discretion of the PhD Program Director, on the basis of program needs, student progress toward the degree, and classroom performance, as determined through faculty teaching observation and student evaluations. 





Occasionally, undergraduate teaching is available during the school year or the summer for selected graduate students at part-time teaching rates.  Inquiries may be made to the PhD Program Administrator.





UofL Enrollment fees are significantly lower for residents of the local area, which may include parts of neighboring states.  Please consult the SIGS website for further information.



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