Critical Theory Reading Group

As interdisciplinary scholars, it is important to not only have a grasp of the foundational theoretical texts in our chosen disciplines, but also be aware of the major names and theories in tangential disciplines. We created the Critical Theory Reading Group to all for all of us to familiarize ourselves with important and popular theoretical texts that might be mentioned at conferences or who might give a different take on a problem on which we are working. The Reading Group looks at critical theory and philosophy in any of the areas that are relevant to our community of students, taking time to understand the positions, but also to critical analyze them for their effectiveness each of our areas. 

Theories Covered By the Group:

  • Foucault, Discipline and Punish, "Introduction" (9/12)
  • Said, Orientalism, "Latent and Manifest Orientalism" (9/12)
  • Benjamin, selections from: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, 1936 (9/12)
  • McLuhan, "The Medium is the Message" (10/12)
  • Irigary, selections from: This Sex Which is Not One (10/12)
  • Cohen, selections from: Jokes: Philosophical Thoughts on Joking Matters 1999 (11/12)
  • Derrida, The Madness of Economic Reason, "A Gift without Present" 1992 (11/12)
  • Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Idea Vol I Book II §17-19 1844 (1/13)
  • Nietzsche, selections from The Gay Science (1/13)
  • Gaiman, selections from Other People 2006 (2/13)
  • Taylor, selections from Nietzsche: the Power of Perceiving 2007 (2/13)
  • Marx, selections from "Alienated Labour" (3/13)
  • Freud, selections from Interpretation of Dreams 1899 (3/13)
  • Sontag, Against Interpretation "On Style" 1961 (6/13)
  • Grosz, "ChaosCosmos, Territory, Architecture" 2008 (7/13)
  • Wölfflin, "Introduction" and "Conclusion" 1950 (7/13)
  • Carroll, "Narrative and Ethical Life" 2008 (7/13)
  • Danto, "Works of Art and Mere Real Things" 1981 (8/13)
  • Wimsatt and Beardsley, The Intentional Fallacy 1954 (8/13)
  • Barthes, "Myth Today" 1972 (9/13)
  • Hooks, Educating Women "A Feminist Agenda" 1984 (9/13)
  • Greenblatt, "Learning to Curse: Aspects of Linguistic Colonialism in the Sixteenth Century" 1990 (10/13)
  • Spivak, "Can the Subaltern Speak?" 1988 (11/13)
  • Motoori, "On Mono no Aware" 18th c CE (12/13)
  • Fish, "Is There a Text in This Class?" 1980 (1/14)
  • Gibson, "Reading for Life" 2004 (2/14)
  • Appiah, selections from Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers 2006 (2/14 & 3/14)
  • Brackmann, "The Anglo-Saxonists and their BooksPrint, Manuscripts, and the Circulation of Scholarship" 2012 (3/14)

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