Film Studies

Film and Digital Media Studies Minor at UofL

Required Courses (six hours):

Humanities 324: Introduction to Film Studies

Humanities 325: Survey of Film and Culture


Elective Courses (12 hours):*

Humanities 326: Studies in Film and Culture (may be taken twice with different topics)

Humanities 327: Minorities and Movies

Humanities 524: Special Topics in Film Studies (may be taken twice with different topics)

Chinese Studies 335: China through Film

Communication 327: Effects of Mass Media

Communication 435: Mass Media and Culture

French 329: Paris in Literature and Film

History 380: Hollywood and History

Pan-African Studies 341: Black Film and Literature

Pan-African Studies 312: African Americans in American Media / Communication 326

Political Science 552: Politics through Film

Spanish 554: Hispanic Culture through Film and Media

Women’s and Gender Studies 395: Women, Media and Culture

Women’s and Gender Studies 522: The Body in Popular Media

* In addition to listed electives, relevant special topics courses at or above the 300 level may be counted as Film and Media Studies electives at the discretion of the Director of Film and Media Studies.


No more than six hours taken to fulfill the minor may be applied to a major.

No more than six hours of the elective courses may be taken in a single Department or Program.