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Concentration in Humanities and Civic Leadership

Printable Program Sheet (PDF)

In addition to the regular application to the Graduate School, students who wish to pursue the Humanities MA with a concentration in Civic Leadership (Non Thesis) must submit a 1000 word written statement of intent (Contact the Chair or Graduate Advisor). Students whose statements of intent demonstrate writing deficiencies shall be required to take a writing course as an additional elective.

Minimum Total of 30 Semester House:

First Core Area (12 hours):
12 – 15 semester hours in one of the following areas: Art History, Literature, Modern Languages, Music History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, or Theater Arts; or in one of the following Cultural Areas: Ancient, Medieval/Renaissance, Early Modern, or Modern.

Second Core Area: Civic Leadership (12 hours):
Civic Leadership Seminar (HUM 636) 3 hrs
3 hrs in 2nd course, approved by advisor.
3 hours of civic internship (HUM 650 a), approved by advisor.
3hrs in internal internship (HUM 650 b), approved by advisor.

HUM 650 Internship Guidelines (PDF)

Interdisciplinary Theory/Methods/Research (6 hours):
3 semester hours of HUM 609 (or 610 if appropriate).
3 semester hours of HUM 655: Directed Study Project

Other Requirements:
A minimum of 15 semester hours excluding the directed study project must be taken at the 600 level.

No foreign language is required.

Oral Defense of the Directed Study Project. Director of Project and two other faculty members serve as the Committee.

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