We believe the HSC Shared Services organization offers a great opportunity for our employees, specifically:

  • Defining clear career paths and increasing job satisfaction by enabling staff to develop expertise in areas through clearly defined roles and tasks
  • Offering development opportunities to expand and learn new skills in focused areas
  • Improving the work / life balance with more flexible work schedules
  • Rewarding and recognizing our talented employees

We plan to post the HSC Shared Services positions to all University of Louisville employees. Each of the openings will remain open for at least 5 business days and a weekend to give our employees an opportunity to prepare their application and apply for desired positions. We believe that posting all of these positions will ensure a fair, equitable and compliant process, attract the very best people to HSC Shared Services and help the organization provide the highest level of support to the business operations of the schools and departments.

The interview process will be supported by a diverse interview committee composed of faculty, supervisors and staff. The committee will create interview guides and evaluation criteria, recommend candidates and participate in phone and in person interviews to evaluate and select candidates. Start dates will be negotiated with departments for selected University personnel.

We intend to fill all positions via internal candidates; in the event candidates are not qualified or no one applies, positions will be posted externally.

We will hire positions for HSC Shared Services in several phases; leadership positions will be posted in September followed by the staff roles in November.  Start dates will be negotiated with departments for selected University personnel.