Meet our Scholars

Meet our Scholars

Ashton Green (DMD Student):

Ashton was born in Indianapolis, Indiana where she has lived most of her life. She is a proud alumna of Pike High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. Throughout her high school career she was an athlete, a member of the National Honor Society, spent three years serving as a freshmen mentor, and  also attended Lead America Medicine and Healthcare high school conferences. She graduated high school in the spring of 2010 and enrolled at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio in the fall, majoring in biology. While at Xavier, she was a four-year member of the women’s Division 1 soccer team. This experience provided her with a platform to continue mentoring youth, being a community role model, and participating in and organizing many community service events. After graduating from Xavier in the spring of 2014, she dedicated the following year to serving within the Indianapolis community. She established a junior youth spiritual empowerment group, with a vision to make a positive impact in the lives of young people within the community. The goal was to mentor junior youth between the ages of 12-15, from diverse backgrounds, in developing a sense of responsibility to create positive change within their community through acts of service. She is currently pursuing her dental education at the University of Louisville.


Mallika Sabharwal (MD Student):

As an undergraduate student at the University of Florida, Mallika Sabharwal volunteered at the Equal Access Clinic, as student-run free clinic that provided medical care to underinsured communities in North Florida. Patients were often uninsured, homeless, or undocumented immigrants. Learning how the clinic addresses non-medical barriers she designed a social services resource manual for volunteers to refer to patients, like local GED classes and federal aid program enrollment. Before starting medical school, she worked at the Chicago Department of Public Health through the CDC’s Public Health Associate Program. In Chicago, Mallika worked in the school-based sexually transmitted disease program which educated and tested high school students on the south and west sides of the city, which are areas of high morbidity that also lacked health care professionals. Additionally, she improved awareness of STDs and access to preventative resources by coordinating the Condom Availability Program in conjunction with Chicago Public Schools. She worked with health education teachers and students to design condom dispensers for high schools throughout Chicago.

Now as a medical student at the University of Louisville, Mallika serves as the Public Health Coordinator for the national American Medical Student Association. As coordinator, she facilitates webinars on different aspects of public health (epidemiology, environmental health, etc.) for a cohort of 30 premedical and medical students. She is also a member of her school’s chapter of Students for a National Health Program, participating in education and community outreach events to promote the benefits of a universal health care system.


Jade Montanez (PhD Nursing Student):

Jade graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honors from the University of Louisville School of Nursing. While completing her BSN she was involved in a research study about the relationship of sociodemographic characteristics with depression, anxiety, and stress in African American adults with Type 2 Diabetes. Since completing her BSN, Jade has worked for our nation’s best as a Veteran’s Affairs nurse and with people at their most vulnerable moments as a Palliative care nurse. Jade’s interest in doctoral studies is firmly grounded in the belief that research and scholarship will afford her the necessary tools to critically think within complex, changing healthcare and education systems. She has a passion for continued research and development of interventions to assist underserved populations with management of chronic illnesses. Additionally, she has an interest in researching the barriers to matriculation and retention of nursing students, but specifically minority nursing students. Jade is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing program at the University of Louisville.


Diana Kuo (PhD Public Health Sciences, specialization in Epidemiology):

Born in Taiwan, Diana immigrated to the United States with her family at the age of three, and lived in New Jersey during her formative years, until she left to study pathobiology at the University of Connecticut. In addition to having a Master in Public Health, Diana has also completed a post-baccalaureate degree in clinical laboratory sciences at The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Prior to starting the PhD program at University of Louisville, not only did she work for the private sector in the Research Triangle Park, she also was employed for the State of North Carolina as a medical laboratory technologist at UNC Healthcare and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services performing microbiological, immunological, and molecular testing for both zoonotic and human diseases. Additionally, she has years of experience working for an international health non-profit in Connecticut, where she focused on development activities for the organization in order to provide funding for medical and social services for special needs Chinese orphans. In her spare time, she enjoys sports and fitness exercises as well as travel (both domestic and international).