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Center as a Whole

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The University of Louisville Alcohol Research Center (ULARC) has been established to:

  1. facilitate interdisciplinary approaches to the investigation of nutrient/gene interactions in specific organ/systemic sequelae of chronic alcohol consumption
  2. investigate the role of inflammation in these effects
  3. focus the talents of both experienced senior researchers and outstanding junior investigators and the necessary institutional resources, in a fertile multidisciplinary environment, on these problems
  4. provide training opportunities in alcohol research for graduate and postgraduate students, and develop formal training and curricula to train clinical/translational alcohol researchers
  5. develop potential therapeutic interventions for alcohol induced organ injury, such as alcoholic liver disease (ALD), based on the research of these investigators.

Toward these ends, we have brought together basic scientists and clinicians from several disciplines who share a research interest in the organ/system consequences of alcohol consumption. The ULARC is a formalized arrangement among investigators who have already been collaborating for a number of years. This center is designed to help these investigators in their research by:

  1. providing a pilot project mechanism to allow junior investigators to develop hypotheses for further NIH applications, and to allow more senior investigators to take their research in new and innovative directions
  2. providing support for several existing resources at U of L specifically for the use of these researchers
  3. develop new training/education opportunities for clinical and translational alcohol research.

To assist in the research, there are two cores: administrative, and support core. The Administrative Core develops educational/curriculum opportunities, facilitates interactions among investigators, coordinates teaching and provides both scientific and financial oversight. The Support Core provides support for the ULARC researchers to facilitate their research.

Organized thus, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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