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Performance Management Workshops

Effective performance management is easy to describe, but harder to practice.  It is more difficult, still, for directors and managers who are responsible for 1st line supervisors to ensure that performance management is practiced effectively and consistently over time and across subordinate units.  Yet, we know that effective and consistent performance management is key to our collective success. 

Human Resources, in collaboration with the Staff Senate and with extensive feedback from vice presidents and deans, has developed a new performance evaluation tool for staff employees that is designed to foster greater clarity and consistency in staff performance evaluations, prompted better communications between employees and supervisors, and (hopefully) foster greater confidence on the part of staff employees in the evaluation program. 

Effective performance management is a shared process that requires the investment of both supervisors and employees to ensure that individual effort is aligned with department goals and objectives.  Please help us move toward a more contemporary, professional, and interactive performance evaluation process for staff employees by participating in one of these workshops.



 Staff Development & Employee Relations are offering four workshops for supervisors & managers:

Supervisors & Managers Performance Management Overview

Staff Overview

Having Difficult Conversations

How do I Evaluate Job Factor Expectations and Determine Overall Scores

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