PER 4.18 - Parental Leave Policy

Policy:            Per 4.18

Title:              Parental Leave

Approved:     November 1, 1995

Revised:        January 1, 2011



The university will provide paid Parental Leave for university faculty and staff effective November 1, 1995. Eligible employees will receive six weeks of paid parental leave in connection with the birth or adoption of a child of the employee or of the qualifying adult. The parental leave shall begin no sooner than two weeks before the anticipated delivery date or adoption, and must end no later than six weeks after the birth or adoption of the child. Parental leave must be taken during the terms of the employee's appointment. Eligible employees who work for the university only during part of the year will receive no parental leave pay for any part of the leave that falls outside the appointment period. Parental leave pay will be at the same rate as the employee is then paid.

An "eligible employee" means any current university employee who has completed at least twelve (12) consecutive months of employment as a regular full-time or regular part-time employee where part-time employee shall be construed as an individual whose appointment status is at least .50 FTE for employees who were hired after May 1, 1992 or at least .40 FTE for employees who have been in continuous employment status since May 1, 1992.

In the case of parents who both work at the university, the policy would apply to both parents provided each otherwise meets the "eligible employee" criteria.  This policy does not apply to temporary employees, student positions, trainees or house staff.




To receive parental leave, a staff member must submit a request for parental leave on the Request for Leave Form to their supervisor and/or unit head. The request should indicate the days the leave begins and ends.

A faculty member should submit a request for parental leave to their department chair indicating the days the leave begins and ends. The department chair would report such request to the Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs or the Vice President for Health Affairs as appropriate.