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Training and Development

PER-7.01 May 1, 1992 Training and Development

The university strongly encourages all regular employees to continually pursue excellence in their field through participation in both academic and non-academic programs. In support of this goal, the university affords faculty and staff many opportunities to maintain state-of-the-art expertise in their profession by providing academic programs in the latest technology and supporting participation in continuing education programs, symposia, management training, etc.

Employees are urged to complete academic degrees and pursue graduate studies, not only to better perform their duties and responsibilities, but also to promote their own personal growth. Continuing academic pursuits will heighten their commitment to their job and to the university and will prepare them for positions in which they will be able to make even greater contributions to the achievement of university goals.

Faculty members are encouraged to participate in programs which will enhance their teaching skills, increase their resources for research, and improve their ability to disseminate their findings.

Department heads and supervisors are encouraged to support their subordinates in their pursuit of academic and non-academic achievement by allowing flex-time schedules and/or providing financial support.

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