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Unlawful Discrimination

PER-5.02 May 1, 1992 Unlawful Discrimination

This policy is obsolete.  Please see PER 1.02 Sexual Harassment and PER 1.10 Discriminatory Harassment




Any employee who believes he or she is the victim of unlawful discrimination (Sections PER-1.01, EEO/Affirmative Action, and 1.02, Sexual Harassment) may complain formally by filing a grievance or appeal (whichever is appropriate to the nature of the complaint) using procedures in Section PER-5.03, Grievances and PER-5.04, Appeals. The university encourages prompt informal action to resolve unlawful discrimination problems.   



Before filing a grievance or appeal involving unlawful discrimination, an employee may request informal review of the problem by the Staff Development and Employee Relations Office which will perform an adequate, reliable, and impartial investigation, including the opportunity to present witnesses and other evidence.  The Staff Development and Employee Relations Office will counsel the employee and supervisor, and make a report to the Vice President for Human Resources including recommendations for remedial action. 

The Vice President for Human Resources will notify the employee of the report and any remedial action in writing to be delivered in person to the employee or sent by certified mail. 

The rights of an employee discussed here are in addition to his or her rights under federal and state civil rights laws. The time limit for filing a grievance or appeal for any employee who sought informal review under this paragraph shall be five workdays after receipt of the report from the Vice President for Human Resources or the regular time limit applicable to the appeal or grievance, whichever is later.   Additional information regarding sexual misconduct can be found in the Sexual Misconduct Brochure. You may contact the following individuals or agencies at anytime:


Sam Connally, Title IX Administrator

Vice President of Human Resources and University EEO Officer

1980 Arthur Street

Louisville, KY 40208-2770

Phone: (502) 852-3698



Dr. Michael Mardis, Associate Title IX Administrator (for Complaints Against Students)

Associate Vice President

Dean of Students

2100 S. Floyd Street

Student Activities Center – W301

Louisville, KY 40208

Phone: (502) 852-5787



Mary Elizabeth Miles, Associate Title IX Administrator (for Complaints Against Employees)

Director of Staff Development and Employee Relations

1980 Arthur Street

Louisville, KY 40208-2770

Phone: (502) 852-6688



Wayne Hall, Associate Title IX Administrator (for Complaints Against Non-University Community Members)

Chief of Police

Floyd Street Parking Garage

Suite 100

Louisville, KY 40292

Phone: (502) 852-7293 or 852-6111



Kim Maffet, Title IX Coordinator for Athletics

Associate Athletic Director

Athletics Business Office/SAC

2100 South Floyd Street

Louisville, KY  40208

Phone:  (502) 852-2411


David Wiegman, Title IX Coordinator for Health Sciences Campus

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Department of Physiology

530 S. Jackson Street

Louisville, KY 

Phone:       (502) 852-5184



 ·         Vice Presidents, Deans, Department Chairs, Directors, and Coaches

 ·         Any other employee in a supervisory role


Some forms of harassment and discrimination may violate federal and state laws, and a Complainant or Respondent may choose to contact the following agencies regarding their complaint: 

Philadelphia Office for Civil Rights

U.S. Department of Education

The Wanamaker Building

100 Penn Square East, Suite 515

Philadelphia, PA 19107-3323

Phone:       (215) 656-8541

TDD:          1-877-521-2172



Kentucky Commission on Human Rights

332 W. Broadway, 7th Floor

Louisville, KY 40202

Phone:       (502) 595-4024 or 1-800-292-5566



Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

600 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Place

Suite 268

Louisville, Kentucky 40202

Phone:       1-800-669-4000

TTY:           1-800-669-6820 


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