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Exit Interviews

PER-4.15 May 1, 1992 Exit Interviews




Exit interviews should be conducted by the Employment Office, Human Resources Department for all regular, full- and part-time employees classified and professional/administrative personnel leaving the university.  

The interview will determine reasons for separation, as well as opinions and recommendations for improving management policies and practices and will ensure the return of all university property before separation.  

The Employment representative will provide information concerning extended benefits, unemployment compensation, and procedures for securing final payment.



  1. The exit interview should take place during normal working hours on the employee's last day of work. The Employment Office, Human Resources Department will schedule the exit interview upon receipt of the separation Payroll Action Form. Where an exit interview cannot be scheduled, the Employment Office will mail an exit interview form to the former employee for completion.
  3. At the time of the exit interview, the employee will be expected to provide the Employment Office with a notice from his or her department head indicating that all department/university items, such as keys, uniforms, identification card, have been returned to the appropriate unit.
  5. The record completed during the exit interview will be retained in the administrative files of the Employment Office but will not be included in the employee's personnel file.

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