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Leaves of Absence with Pay

PER-4.12 May 1, 1992 Leaves of Absence with Pay





  1. Educational Leave With Pay  

    Educational leave with pay shall be granted to any employee who is required as a part of the job to enroll in or attend a college, university, training academy, short course, seminar, conference, or other meeting.  

    Release time from the regular work schedule may be granted by unit heads to employees to attend university classes during normal working hours for their personal benefit provided:

    1. that such release time will not normally be approved if it would cause an undue hardship on the operations of the unit or upon the working conditions of other personnel in the unit; and/or

    2. for classified staff, any time lost from the normal work schedule to attend such classes should normally be made up during the same workweek in which the absence(s) occurs so that the employing unit will not be liable for time-and-one-half payment as a result of time being made up in a succeeding workweek.
  3. Other Leave With Pay  

    The university will grant, whenever possible, a leave of absence with pay to any professional/administrative staff member who has completed ten continuous years of university service in such capacity. It is anticipated that such leaves are to be used for improving the staff member's contribution to the university's research, teaching, or public service missions, or for personal development. Such leave may be granted by the President, or his designee, for up to three months, not more frequently than every five years, on the recommendation of the professional/administrative staff member's immediate supervisor and the Vice President for Human Resources.





  1. The regular staff member must submit a request for leave of absence on a Request for Leave Form. The request should indicate the times and dates when the leave begins and the return to work. The request must be submitted prior to the beginning date of the leave of absence and be approved by the supervisor and department head.
  3. In the case of a request for leave with pay for professional/administrative staff, the supervisor will submit a recommendation to the Human Resources Department supporting the leave request. The Human Resources Department will then forward the request and its recommendation to the President or his designee for approval.



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