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Personal Leave

PER-4.06 January 25, 1995 Personal Leave




The university will provide occasional time off with pay for classified employees to conduct personal business which cannot be transacted outside normal working hours, such as real estate closings, religious observances, court appearance other than jury duty or as a witness (Section PER-4.09, Court/Jury Duty), and family responsibilities.  

During the calendar year, a classified employee may take up to two days of personal leave with pay. Personal leave may be authorized by the supervisor at times convenient to the department. Notice should be given three workdays in advance. In emergencies, however, shorter notice may be given.  

Personal leave days are not accrued beyond the calendar year.  

Whenever an employee moves from one unit to another without a break in regular continuous service, unused personal days shall be transferred to the new unit for future use during the remainder of the calendar year.  

Personal leave will not be paid at termination nor in the event an employee transfers into a professional/administrative position.




A regular (classified) staff member must submit a request to use personal leave on a Request for Leave Form. The request should indicate the time(s) and date(s) when the leave begins and the return from leave. The request must be submitted in advance of the leave time requested and must be approved by the supervisor and/or unit head.  


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