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Call-In / Call-Back Pay

PER-3.07 May 1, 1992 Call-In/Call-Back Pay


A classified employee called in to work when he or she has not been previously scheduled will be given a minimum of four hours' work or a minimum of four hours' pay.

A classified employee called in to work before his or her normal shift and who continues working into his or her regular shift will not be considered to be either called-in or called-back and will be paid only for all hours worked. If there is less than one hour between the time of completing the work for which he or she is called in early and his or her normal starting time, this time also will be considered as time worked.

Each classified employee is expected to work when called, unless excused for good and sufficient reason. The supervisor shall exercise reasonableness and fairness in administering the call-in/call-back policy.


The hours paid for call-in and call-back will be credited toward hours worked in the week for overtime purposes.

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