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Establishment of a New Position

PER-3.02 May 1, 1992 Establishment of a New Position





All regular staff positions are subject to review and assignment to an appropriate job classification and pay grade by the Human Resources Department.




  1. A Job Description Form (DOC) providing detailed information on the proposed position, is developed by the unit in which the position will function.
  3. A Position Authorization Request (XLS), providing information on the funding source to be used to support the position, will be prepared by the unit and forwarded with the Position Information Questionnaire to the Compensation Office, Human Resources Department.
  5. The Compensation Office, Human Resources Department will determine the appropriate salary grade level, title, and job classification code for the position and discuss the assignment with the requesting unit.
  7. The Compensation Office will enter salary and title information on the PAR and forward it to the Provost, vice president, or dean for approval.

  8. The Provost/vice president/dean will forward PARs with their approval to the Office of Planning and Budget (OPB).
  10. OPB will review funding arrangements, refer to Restricted Accounting in Grants and Contracts where appropriate, and assign a position control number (pcn).
  12. OPB will forward PAR's, upon approval, to the Human Resources Department.



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