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Compensation and Classification Policy

PER-3.01 May 1, 1992 Compensation and Classification Policy

*****This policy's salary related provisions have been revised as of July 1, 2010.*****

See Salary Administration Policy Changes under Items of Interest.



The university's compensation policy will:

  1. establish wage and salary ranges that reflect the value to the university of the various jobs, as determined by a system of job evaluation and review, taking into account the duties and level of responsibility of each job;

  2. establish and maintain justifiable differentials between job levels;

  3. adjust salary and wage ranges when warranted by changing economic and competitive factors, as determined by periodic surveys and in accordance with available funding;

  4. encourage superior performance by adjusting the pay rate of each employee on the basis of the quality of individual performance, as determined by a systematic program of performance evaluation; and

  5. ensure that compensation practices comply with all federal and state laws and support the university's ongoing commitment to its affirmative action program.




  1. The Vice President for Human Resources may review, reallocate, abolish, or establish new classifications and shall assign each classification to a pay grade.

  2. The evaluation of individual positions and the assignment to titles and grade levels existing within the classification structure, based on the job evaluation program adopted by the university in July 2002, shall be carried out by the Human Resources Department.

  3. Upon request from a department head, the Human Resources Department shall conduct a review of the classification and/or pay grade assignment. In determining classification level, the employing unit will furnish an up-to-date organization chart together with a Position Information Questionnaire. A position is classified based upon the education, training, skills, and experience required and the duties, responsibility and authority assigned.

  4. Any change resulting from the review will be implemented within 30 days of receipt of the appropriate material. Approved reclassification requests will be processed prospectively according to established payroll deadlines.

  5. The university's job title lists, pay grades and ranges, and position specifications schedule will be available for review in the Human Resources Department, Ekstrom Library, Kornhauser Health-Sciences Library, Staff Senate Office, and the Office of the Provost, vice president, or dean.



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