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Orientation Training

PER-2.12 May 1, 1992 Orientation Training


All new, regular staff employees, both full and part-time, are required to attend the orientation program for new employees on the first day of employment. This orientation program, sponsored by the Human Resources Department, facilitates the new staff employee's adjustment to the university and to his or her job and clarifies the individual's role in the organization as a whole.

Payroll processing, completion of the I-9 form*, benefits enrollment, and parking information for permits are all covered in the orientation program.

The responsibility for new employee orientation is shared by the Staff Development and Wellness Office, the Human Resources Department, and the individual's supervisor. Contact the Staff Development and Wellness Office at 852-7591.


  1. Supervisor

    It is the supervisor's responsibility to conduct the following orientation and evaluation activities on the employee's first day in the department. The supervisor should follow these guidelines which can be used for departmental on-the-job orientation:

    1. Introduce the employee to fellow workers.
    2. Review the job description with the new employee and provide a copy of job performance factors.
    3. Give the new employee a tour of the department and any instructions pertaining to the job that may be necessary for him or her to get started.
    4. Explain transportation and parking facilities.
    5. Discuss hours of work -- rest periods, lunch periods.
    6. Review timekeeping procedures.
    7. Describe safety procedures.
    8. Explain procedures for reporting of accidents.
    9. Discuss procedures for reporting of absences, when necessary.
    10. Discuss assisting university students where appropriate.

    NOTE: An orientation checklist which can be used as a guide for departmental on-the-job orientation is available from Human Resources Department.

  2. Human Resources Department

    Human Resources Department will schedule the new staff employee for participation in the staff orientation program as follows:

    New Employee Orientation is held every Monday in the Human Resources Department, or on Tuesdays when the preceding Monday is a holiday. New employees are required to begin work on a Monday and spend their first day of employment in orientation. No exceptions are made.

    Human Resources Department will convey information in the following areas to staff employees as soon as possible following their employment:

    1. Employee benefits
      1. Pre-tax and post-tax health benefits payment options
      2. Group life, accidental death and dismemberment insurance plans
      3. Retirement program
      4. U.S. Savings Bond plan
      5. Educational assistance program
      6. Vacations and holidays

    2. Personnel policies and procedures
    3. Hours of work
    4. Pay procedures
      1. Distribution of paychecks
      2. Deductions (explain)
      3. Overtime calculations and rates
    5. Grievance and appeals procedure
    6. Staff Senate Organization
    7. Assisting university students where appropriate.

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