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Temporary Employment

PER-2.09 May 1, 1992 Temporary Employment




  1. Temporary appointments may be made to any staff position which the employing administrative head attests to be temporary. A temporary appointment is made to a position which is not likely to require the services of an employee for a period of more than six calendar months. Temporary appointments will normally not exceed six months, but in exceptional situations an extension of an additional six-month period may be approved by the Vice President for Human Resources upon recommendation of the department head/dean.
  3. Temporary employees are not eligible to participate in employee benefit programs.




  1. The department head must submit a New Hire Packet (PDF) to the Payroll Office for appointment to temporary positions. If restricted funds are used, the form must be approved by the Controller's Office.
  3. If assistance is needed in recruiting for a temporary position, the department head should notify Temporary Services at (502) 852-6889.



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