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Trainee Appointments

PER-2.08 May 1, 1992 Trainee Appointments




  1. When qualified applicants are not available, or when career development opportunities for university staff justify, the Vice President for Human Resources may, in consultation with the department head, authorize establishment of a specific trainee position. Upon a request by the department head, the Vice President for Human Resources may authorize an appointment to a position on a trainee basis.
  3. Trainees follow the same rules and procedures and receive the same benefits as other staff employees, with the exception of their provisional employment period as defined in Section PER 1.08, Employee Categories and Status.
  5. The hiring rate and pay progression schedule must be approved and periodically reviewed by the Vice President for Human Resources.
  7. The provisional employment period for trainees (excluding regular status employees) shall be in effect for the entire training period, not to exceed twelve months and in no case shall it be less than six months.




The department head will submit a recommendation to the Vice President for Human Resources to establish a trainee position or an appointment on a trainee basis. The Vice President for Human Resources will establish the appointment pay rate and a pay progression schedule based on the requirements of the position and the background of the individual.



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