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PER-2.06 May 1, 1992 Transfers

*****This policy's salary related provisions have been revised as of July 1, 2010.*****

See Salary Administration Policy Changes under Items of Interest.



  1. A transfer is the move of an employee from and to positions within the same class or between different classes which are assigned to the same pay grade.
  3. A transfer will normally occur at the convenience of the employee and for the overall benefit of the university. Both affected supervisors must consent to the transfer. A regular status employee who has completed a provisional period of employment and is subsequently transferred to another position will serve a six-month qualifying period. During this period, the employee is to be appraised every 60 calendar days for a six-month period. If during this six-month period of employment he or she receives an unsatisfactory appraisal, the employee will be appraised at least once every 30 calendar days for a maximum of 90 calendar days until his or her performance has improved and is evaluated as at least satisfactory or the employee is terminated. If the employee's performance remains unsatisfactory, the employee must be terminated before the end of the 90-day appraisal period or reassigned at the discretion of the Vice President for Human Resources.
  5. A transfer normally will be made at the same rate of pay, but not below the minimum rate for the class to which transferred. In no case shall a transfer be made at a higher rate of pay. 



  1. Staff members who wish to apply for a transfer must complete or update their Application for Employment with the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department will refer only the applications of those who best meet the qualifications established for the vacancy to the appropriate individual in the department for consideration. Upon request by the employing department, however, all applicants who meet the established qualifications will be referred for consideration.
  3. Following a referral by the Human Resources Department and a preliminary interview with the employing department to determine the appropriateness of their qualifications and their interest in the duties, responsibilities, and working conditions associated with the new position, employees should notify their supervisor of interest in a specific transfer opportunity. All applications shall be considered confidential by the Human Resources Department until the applicant has been determined to be a finalist for a position. At this time, the employee must inform his or her supervisor of the interest in another position. 
  5. The final decision for accepting or rejecting a particular applicant is made by the supervisor/department head as indicated within PeopleSoft , and is subject to review by the Human Resources Department to assure compliance with affirmative action requirements.
  7. Human Resources Department will be responsible for promptly notifying applicants of decisions regarding employment.
  9. While the Staff Development and Employee Relations Office has final responsibility and authority to ensure that all personnel transactions are consistent with the University Affirmative Action Plan in the principle of non-discrimination, the Staff Development and Employee Relations Office has delegated to the Human Resources Department day-to-day responsibility to ensure that transfer decisions are made in a non-discriminatory manner.
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