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Smoking Regulations

PER-1.14 November 9, 2000 Smoking Regulations  




Smoking is permitted only in designated areas in university facilities. 




For purposes of this regulation, "smoking" means lighting or burning any pipe, cigar, or cigarette. 




Signs are posted in most campus buildings indicating that smoking will not be permitted within the buildings. There may be some exceptions if the state provides funding for the installation of effective ventilating systems. All designated smoking areas must be approved (by the Vice President for Business Affairs) and must meet 2 criteria in order to protect non-smokers from secondary smoke.

  1. It must have a separate ventilation system allowing air to be exhausted directly to the outside and not be recirculated within the building or mixed with the general dilution ventilation for the building.
  2. It must be maintained at negative pressure to ensure airflow into the area rather than back into the workplace. 


Deans, directors, department heads, and other administrators are expected to encourage compliance with this policy. The monitoring and enforcement of this policy shall be the responsibility of the unit heads. This policy will be administered in accordance with established disciplinary procedures.

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