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Severe Weather Guidelines

PER-1.11 May 1, 1992 Severe Weather Guidelines





The University of Louisville operates as a publicly supported institution of higher education and presumes continuing services and instructional functions insofar as possible. Only the President of the University, or the University Provost acting on his behalf, has the authority to curtail non-instructional programs. Therefore, all faculty, staff, students, and administrators should adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. The University Provost may call off or delay openings of any class on all campuses of the university. If classes are cancelled (either for certain hours or for an entire day), no classes will meet for that period, but faculty, staff, and administrators are still expected to come to the university and meet all their usual obligations which are not brought about by holding classes. The official source for information on class cancellations will be the U of L Web site,, and ULink, The secondary source of official information will be the main university phone line, 852-5555. The university also will announce closures and delays through four local television stations - WAVE-TV, WLKY-TV, WHAS-TV and WDRB-TV - and on local radio stations WHAS-AM and WUOL-FM. When the condition of the weather is such as to make certain roads impassable or extremely dangerous, affected faculty, staff, and administrators must use their judgment as to reporting for work.  
    Whenever possible, decisions on closings or delays will be announced no later than 6.a.m. Decisions to call off evening classes will be made no later than 4 p.m. All those involved in patient clinics should plan to meet their responsibilities, even though classes may be cancelled and offices closed. The University Libraries and all other university offices will operate on a regular schedule, even though classes may be cancelled or put on a delayed opening, except by specific decision in the most dire of conditions. 
  2. Employees may determine whether it is feasible to come to work because of hazardous conditions in their areas, even though the university is open. All staff and faculty are urged to contact their dean, department chair, or supervisor regarding any delay in coming to the university because of severe weather conditions.  
        Supervisors shall make one of the following arrangements to cover classified employees' absences following consultation with the respective employee: 
    1. take personal leave; or
    2. take annual leave; or
    3. make up lost time during the same workweek; or
    4. take leave without pay; or
    5. combine two or more of the preceding.
  3. The following guidelines will be followed in the event that offices and laboratories are closed, open on a delayed schedule, or close early as a result of extreme weather conditions.
    2. All employees who are scheduled to work shall be granted administrative leave with pay during those hours when the university has been officially closed as a result of action of the President or University Provost.
    4. Classified staff required to work during a period of announced university closing in order to perform essential or specialized services shall be paid at a regular, straight-time rate for the hours worked up to 40 hours in a workweek and shall, in addition, be credited with straight-time compensatory leave credits or paid at straight-time for an equal amount of time. The supervisor will be responsible for the decision regarding additional compensation or compensatory time off.
  4. Specific language has been developed to describe the status of university activities. The statements are to be issued to the media for public announcement on radio and television. The University Provost will deter mine the announcement which best conveys the information on class closings.





These weather emergency announcements will be made regarding University of Louisville closings;

  1. EVENING CLASSES: Evening classes at the University of Louisville are canceled for (DATE).
  2. DELAY: Classes and offices at the University of Louisville are on a delayed schedule starting at 10 a.m. today, (DATE).
  3. NO CLASSES, OFFICES OPEN: Classes at the University of Louisville are canceled today, (DATE); offices will open at 10 a.m.
  4. SHUT DOWN: Classes at the University of Louisville are canceled and offices are closed today, (DATE).
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