Cardinal Kudos

Cardinal Kudos is a great way to recognize employees for their dedication, hard work and contributions to the success of the university.  Research has proven that recognition is sometimes more important to employees than pay.   Employees are happier within a culture rich with trust, pride and camaraderie.

Want to  acknowledge someone whose work accomplishments exemplify service excellence? Send them a Cardinal Kudos! Fill out the form and they will receive your message. Once you complete the form, you can decide to email the Cardinal Kudos or print it out and present it to the recipient publicly. 

Below are just some examples of reasons to recognize someone.

  • Effort was "above and beyond" job responsibilities
  • Demonstrated “extraordinary” leadership skill
  • Undertaking resulted in the achievement of a special goal or project – outside the scope of work
  • Contributed exceptionally to a team-oriented community project
  • Reacted positively to an urgent situation

Thank you in advance for taking the time to recognize someone. Submit a Cardinal Kudos by clicking the button below.

If you have questions about the program contact, please contact Mimi Bell by phone 852-8118 or by E-mail.