Human Resources

Human Resources Commitment to Service Excellence

Welcome to the Human Resources web site at University of Louisville! Our goal is to support UofL's mission of being a great place to learn, work and invest. The Human Resources team specifically supports UofL's faculty and staff in attracting, motivating, engaging and retaining the talent necessary to the University’s mission.

This site provides information on various Human Resources services including talent acquisition, compensation, benefits and wellness, employee relations, compliance, and employee training and development. You can browse our site, call us at 502-852-6258 or visit us at 1980 Arthur Street.

We are committed to the following strategies to foster an environment in which we add value to the University:

  • We will strive to align our services with the academic, research, and service mission of the University and continuously evaluate our services through the eyes of our customers.
  • We will continue to embrace a "judgment-based" approach to Human Resources administration (and move away from a historical "rule-based" approach to HR).
  • We will advise, but we will not direct. We will serve, but not regulate. We will "look for ways to say yes," with multiple levels of review cascading up to the chief HR officer before we say no.
  • We will share our knowledge and judgment, but without supplanting managers' judgment for our own.
  • We will maintain appropriate internal audit and public accountability mechanisms and satisfy external stakeholder requirements, but will do so in the least intrusive manner possible.