Professional Development

UofL's 2020 Plan asserts the university's dedication to "accomplishing its mission by wise use of its resources - the most important of which is our people".  Furthermore, the 2020 Plan promises to develop the capabilities of the university's community members so that all can achieve their highest potential by providing opportunities for professional growth and mentoring and by recognizing and rewarding excellent work and contributions.  So attention to the professional development of university faculty and staff will aid in the university's achievement of this strategic goal.

The Professional Development Committee hopes to provide all employees equal opportunity to professional development opportunities through the following initiatives.

Career Paths

The committee is developing 10 career tracks for posts that account for the greatest number of employees.  The tracks show career progression and skill development or credentials required to move to the next level.  This assists employees in better understanding how they can move forward in their careers.

Provost Staff Leadership Academy

The committee has worked with representatives of Human Resources to develop a nine month pilot leadership program for staff employees.  It is scheduled to start in September 2013 and end in May 2014.  The Provost Leadership Academy is intended to help UofL staff understand and develop leadership qualities which they can apply in current and future positions at the university.  Participants will learn about leadership and explore their strengths and weaknesses in managing ideas and people.  The academy will give participants knowledge that will help them develop into employees who are more likely to be tapped for leadership roles or promotion.  At the inaugural program's conclusion in May 2014, the workgroup will assess the program's effectiveness and work to transition it to Human Resources for oversight.


The committee will launch a survey in Fall 2013 to determine the amount of fiscal resources currently being spent on professional development across the university.  Additionally, the survey will seek to ascertain what unit/departmental policies are in place to support professional development.