Equifax W2 info

The University of Louisville recently learned of suspicious activity related to unauthorized access of 2016 W-2 form information of university employees. The suspicious activity involved access to or download of W-2 information from the W-2 Express website, the university's electronic W-2 service provider. W-2 Express/Tax Form Management is provided by Equifax. Equifax is aware of similar activity involving other organizations and is working with clients to resolve the incidents.

We have no indication that any systems or servers at the University of Louisville have been involved or impacted.

Effective immediately, Equifax has implemented added protections for your W-2 information, including additional security around the password reset process. If you need to reset your password, you may be required to access your campus email or other verified email address in order to receive a one-time passcode.

As of today, fewer than 50 employees have been confirmed as having fraudulent activity associated with their W-2 information. Equifax has identified up to 750 employees whose W-2 Express accounts show potential suspicious activity. Though much of this account activity may be legitimate, Equifax--out of an abundance of caution--is in the process of contacting these individuals, by campus email and U.S. mail, by April 7 to provide assistance and credit monitoring service.

We are working closely with Equifax and federal law enforcement agencies. We do not believe this issue will prevent any employees from being able to receive tax refunds to which they are legitimately entitled.

As a reminder, if you suspect you may be a victim of tax fraud, contact the University of Louisville Police Department at 502-852-7290.

If you have questions, you may contact Business Operations at 502-852-7549 or businessops@louisville.edu.