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Job Codes and Specifications

This site is currently under construction. To request a job specification that is not available from the list below, please contact the office of Employment and Compensation Services. This office can be reached via email at or phone at 852.6542.




Job Code Job Title Grade


000254 Acad Advisor EC
000617 Acad Consult EF
000618 Acad Consult Sr EG
000259 Acad Coord EC
000485 Acad Coord Sr ED
000260 Acad Counselor ED
000489 Acad Counselor Sr EE
001736 Acac Development Spec EE
001074 Accompanist TMP
000262 Accountant I ED
000264 Accountant II EE
000265 Accountant III EF
000874 Accounts Payable Spclst NB
Accounts Payable Supr
000830 Acctg Clerk NA
000882 Acctg Clerk Sr NB
001525 Acctg Mgr EF
001540 Acctg Sys Analyst EF
000229 Adjunct Assoc Professor FAC
000233 Adjunct Asst Professor FAC
000237 Adjunct Instructor FAC
000225 Adjunct Professor FAC
000177 Adminr ADM
000786 Adminr ADM
000269 Adminv Assoc ED
000834 Adminv Asst ND
001636 Adminv Dir Office of VPHA EI
 001266  Adminv Communications Spclst  ED
001292 Adminv Dir Psychl Svcs Ctr EG
001452 Adminv Mgr CEC EG
000425 Adminv Ofcr OTH
001371 Adminv Ofcr ICT EH
000837 Adminv Secretary NB
001651 Adminv Spclst NE
000533 Adminv Spclst Std Svcs EF
000900 Adminv Svcs Analyst NC
001670 Adminv Svcs Mgr EF
000638 Adminv Sys Analyst EF
001408 Adms Adminv Sys Coord ED
000271 Adms Counselor ED
000761 Adms Counselor Sr EE
001398 Adms Processing Coord EE
000356 Adms Processing Coord MC NGD
000255 Advisor OTH
000787 Analyst OTH
001426 Animal Surgery Techn ED
000896 Application Processor NA
001350 Applications Sys Analyst/Prgmr EE
000486 Architect Sr EG
000281 Architectural Designer II EB
000301 Area Coord ED
000598 Area Field Coord OTH
001329 Asbestos Abatement Spclst NE
000958 Asbestos Abatement Techician ND
001229 Assoc Bursar EG
001455 Assoc Contract Spclst EE
000182 Assoc Dean ADM
001392 Assoc Dean Adms & Std Affs EH
000176 Assoc Dir ADM
001566 Assoc Dir EG
001399 Assoc Dir Adms EG
000083 Assoc Dir Adms Processing EG
001569 Assoc Dir AHEC EG
001606 Assoc Dir Annual Gvg EF
000058 Assoc Dir Area Field Coord EF
001535 Assoc Dir Campus Prgms EG
001534 Assoc Dir Cmnty Rel EG
000404 Assoc Dir Ctr GIS EG
001551 Assoc Dir Dev Rsrch EF
000099 Assoc Dir External Prgms EG
001589 Assoc Dir Fin Aid Operations
001477 Assoc Dir Honors Prgm EG
000770 Assoc Dir HSC Spec Prgms EG
000520 Assoc Dir Intl Ctr EG
000290 Assoc Dir Prgm Residence Admin EG
001528 Assoc Dir Registration & Recs EG
000291 Assoc Dir Residence Admin EG
000139 Assoc Dir Std Fin Aid EH
000140 Assoc Dir Std Life EG
000604 Assoc Dir Techl Assistance EH
000298 Assoc Dir Univ Writing Ctr EF
000792 Assoc Head Coach NGD
000227 Assoc Professor FAC
000210 Assoc Professor Term FAC
000020 Assoc Registrar EG
000813 Assoc Rsrch Scientist OTH
000204 Assoc Univ Counsel ADM
000165 Assoc Univ Provost ADM
000190 Assoc VP ADM
001261 Asst Budget Analyst ED
000568 Asst Compliance Officer EH
001456 Asst Contract Spclst EE
000132 Asst Controller EI
000749 Asst Coord REACH Learn Rsrcs EE
000917 Asst Curator Visual Rsrcs NC
000183 Asst Dean ADM
000024 Asst Dean Acad Advg EH
000038 Asst Dean Admin EI
000163 Asst Dean Admin Law Sch EH
001436 Asst Dean Advg & Coop EH
001587 Asst Dean CBPA EH
000029 Asst Dean Educ Std Svcs EH
000448 Asst Dean for Admin A&S EH
000755 Asst Dean for Career Sevices EG
001633 Asst Dean for Finance EH
001644 Asst Dean for Finance Kent Sch EH
001405 Asst Dean for Law Adms EG
001500 Asst Dean Std Sppt Svcs EG
000023 Asst Dean UnderGrad Studies EH
000793 Asst Dir OTH
000373 Asst Dir A&S Acad Advg Ctr EF
000256 Asst Dir A&S Honors Prgm EE
001585 Asst Dir Admin SPHIS EF
000127 Asst Dir Adms EF
000002 Asst Dir Adms for Diversity EF
000001 Asst Dir Adms New Std Prgm EF
001590 Asst Dir Adms Sys EG
001313 Asst Dir Budget & Fin Plng EI
001733 Asst Dir Career Development EF
001642 Asst Dir CEHD Advg EF
000821 Asst Dir Child Psyc Liais Svcs EF
001248 Asst Dir Clncl Prac Sci Prgm EE
000450 Asst Dir Comm EF
001337 Asst Dir Comm EF
001345 Asst Dir Cslng Ctr EF
001369 Asst Dir Dahlem Supercomputer EG
001471 Asst Dir Dist & Contining Educ EG
001281 Asst Dir Donor Rel EF
001641 Asst Dir Environment Ops Mgr EH
000275 Asst Dir External Prgms EE
000296 Asst Dir Faclts SAC EF
000610 Asst Dir Finance EH
001435 Asst Dir Fitness Ctr HSC EE
001380 Asst Dir for AHEC EF
001482 Asst Dir Grants Mgmt EG
001333 Asst Dir HSPP EG
001440 Asst Dir IBHPL EG
001638 Asst Dir Industry Contracts EG
000311 Asst Dir Intramural Sports EE
000313 Asst Dir Intramural Sports II EF
001519 Asst Dir KBRIN EF
001393 Asst Dir KY Cancer Prgm EH
001593 Asst Dir Labor Mgmt Ctr EG
000294 Asst Dir Lic & Merch NGD
000361 Asst Dir Med Sch Adms EF
000517 Asst Dir Med Sch Fin Affs EG
001630 Asst Dir Mjr Gifts EG
000453 Asst Dir Mktg Publs EF
001504 Asst Dir Muhammed Ali Inst EG
001513 Asst Dir Non Credit Prgms EG
001488 Asst Dir Office Tech Dev EG
000736 Asst Dir Parking Admin EE
000115 Asst Dir Phys Plant Maint EH
000065 Asst Dir Plnng & Budget ADM
000096 Asst Dir Plnng & Instl Rsrch ADM
000197 Asst Dir Plnng Design & Const EI
000295 Asst Dir Prgms SAC EF
001346 Asst Dir Processing EG
000018 Asst Dir Purchasing EG
001347 Asst Dir Scholarships EG
001580 Asst Dir Spon Prgms EG
001600 Asst Dir Sppt Svcs EF
001505 Asst Dir Std Disab Rsrc Ctr EE
000021 Asst Dir Std Fin Aid EG
001516 Asst Dir Std Life EF
000538 Asst Dir Std Life RSO EF
001588 Asst Dir Std Rec Sys EG
000713 Asst Dir UnderGrad Studies EG
000396 Asst Dir Univ Career Ctr EF
001457 Asst Dir Women's Ctr EE
000824 Asst Equip Mgr NGD
001301 Asst Hrsmt/Sexual Hrsmt Ofcr EE
000689 Asst Mgr Postal Svcs ED
000231 Asst Professor FAC
000211 Asst Professor Term FAC
000784 Asst Publ Section Mgr OTH
001331 Asst Radiation Safety Ofcr EG
000332 Asst Registrar EF
000814 Asst Rsrch Scientist OTH
000642 Asst Secretary Bd of Trustees OTH
000016 Asst Supt Ath Fields & Grounds NGD
000309 Asst Supt Custodial Svcs ED
001491 Asst Tech Mgr EG
000310 Asst to Dean EF
000796 Asst to Dean OTH
000109 Asst to Dean A&S Coop Prgm EH
001515 Asst to Dean Acads Sch Music EE
001271 Asst to Dean Grad Sch EE
000677 Asst to Dean Tech & Fac Mgt EH
000794 Asst to Dir OTH
000377 Asst to Dir Equine Admin EF
000191 Asst to Pres ADM
000326 Asst to Pres EF
001470 Asst to Pres & VP for Ath Assn ADM
000158 Asst to Provost Adminv Sppt EF
000159 Asst to Provost CFP EG
001524 Asst to Provost Finance EG
000823 Asst to Univ Provost OTH
000170 Asst to VP Dev & Alumni EG
001634 Asst to VP Finance Spec Proj EG
000307 Asst to VP for Admin EH
000324 Asst to VP for Rsrch EF
000320 Asst to VP Info Tech EF
001605 Asst to VP/Dir Std Affs Tech EH
000563 Asst to VPHA/Dean SoM EG
001635 Asst to VPUA Fin Ops EH
000133 Asst Treasurer EG
000205 Asst Univ Counsel ADM
000166 Asst Univ Provost ADM
001623 Asst Univ Provost ADM
000564 Asst Vice Dean Acad Affs Med EF
000188 Asst VP ADM
001374 Ath Adminv Assoc NGD
001561 Ath Assoc Dir NGD
000747 Ath Compl Coord NGD
001549 Ath Contract NGD
000329 Ath Trainer NGD
000412 Ath Trainer Sr NGD
001047 Ath Video Coord Temp TMP
000840 Audio Visual Asst Temp TMP
000929 Audio Visual Techn NB
000487 Audiologist EE
000743 Auditor II EE
000741 Auditor Med Compl EF
000701 Auditor Sr EG
000708 Auditor Sr Med Compl EF




001529 Benefits Analyst EG
001521 Benefits Sys Spclst EF
001474 Billing Coordinator ND
000963 Bindery Operator II NC
001097 Bindery Operator Sr ND
001298 Biographical Processing Supr EE
001335 Biological Safety Ofcr EH
001483 Biology Rsrch Techt EE
001387 BioMed Custodian NA
000488 BioMed Eng EE
001421 BioMed Eng Sr EF
Biostatistician I
Biostatistician II
Biostatistician III
000605 Brachytherapy Techt EF
001340 Broadcast Comm Spclst EE
000932 Broadcast Eng ND
001227 Building Sys Eng EF
000045 Bursar EI
001231 Bursar Accounts Receivable Mgr EE
001232 Bursar Acctg Mgr EE
001230 Bursar Std Fin Mgr EE
001485 Business Ops Mgr EE
000336 Buyer EC
000873 Buyer Asst NC
000338 Buyer Sr EE




001124 Cabinetmaker NC
001098 Camera Operator Sr ND
001466 Campus Card Office Mgr EF
000771 Campus Minister OTH
000686 Cancer Control Spclst EE
000005 Career Coach EF
000722 Career Counselor ED
001087 Carpenter NC
001089 Carpenter Foreman Maint ND
001138 Carpet & Tile Installer NB
001126 Carpet & Tile Lead NC
000899 Cashier II NA
001197 Casual/Temporary Worker Temp TMP
000777 Cataloger OTH
000218 Chairperson FAC
000220 Chairperson & Assoc Professor FAC
000221 Chairperson & Asst Professor FAC
000219 Chairperson & Professor FAC
000760 Chemical Regulatory Spclst EF
000803 Chemist OTH
001428 Chief Fin Ofcr-MC NGD
000884 Clerical Spclst NA
000886 Clerk Sr NA
000536 Clinic Coord Neonatal FollowUp EG
001618 Clinic Mgr EF
001057 Clinic Supr II NC
001058 Clinic Supr III ND
000228 Clncl Assoc Professor FAC
000232 Clncl Asst Professor FAC
000344 Clncl Coordinator EE
001444 Clncl Coord Speech/Language EH
001307 Clncl Data Mgr OTH
001361 Clncl Data Mgr ICT EG
000236 Clncl Instructor FAC
001349 Clncl Mgr ICT EG
000400 Clncl Physicist EI
000224 Clncl Professor FAC
000611 Clncl Rsrch Coord EE
001624 Clncl Rsrch Coord Sr EE
001359 Clncl Rsrch Nurse EG
001291 Clncl Rsrch Nurse OTH
000503 Clncl Techt ED
000387 Clncl Trials Coord EC
000633 Cmnty Rel Assoc OTH
000632 Cmnty Rel Assoc IA EF
001262 Comm & Mktg Spclst EE
000680 Comm Analyst II EE
000681 Comm Analyst III EF
000682 Comm Analyst Sr EG
001037 Comp Aided Design Techn NB
000728 Comp Aided Engrng Consult EG
000469 Comp Comm Spclst EE
000308 Comp Hdwr/Faclts Techn Spclst EF
000941 Comp Operator III NC
001062 Comp Ops Advisor NC
000704 Comp Ops Spclst ED
000996 Comp Publg Spclst ND
001468 Comp Sppt Analyst ED
000342 Compensation Analyst EG
001526 Compensation Sys Spclst EF
001594 Compl Audit Mgr EG
001390 Compl Auditor EF
001406 Compl Educ Analyst EE
001536 Const & Renovation Foreman ND
000579 Const Coord Sr EG
000790 Consult OTH
001454 Contract Spclst EF
001046 Control Techn ND
000129 Controller ADM
001582 Coord Acad Affs EF
001075 Cooperative Intern Temp TMP
000272 Coord Affirm Act & Employ Rel EF
000977 Coord Air Quality Lab ND
000357 Coord Ath Acad Svcs NGD
000319 Coord Ath Promos & Mktg NGD
000292 Coord Ath Sppt Groups NGD
001575 Coord Autism Intervention Prgm EF
000492 Coord Autism Prgm ED
000391 Coord Billing Svcs EC
001603 Coord BioEngrng Tech Svcs NE
000414 Coord Body Bequeathal Prgm ED
001402 Coord Breast/Cerv Cancer Scrng EF
001370 Coord Comp Ops VPFA EI
000549 Coord Comp Publg EE
001475 Coord Compensation EG
000551 Coord Continuing Hlth Sciences Education ED
000738 Coord Copyright Clearance Svcs ED
000352 Coord Educl Svcs ED
001461 Coord Electronic Shop Svcs NE
001487 Coord Emerg Prep Safety Compl ADM
001038 Coord Engrng Techl Svcs NF
000714 Coord Eval Asmt Rsrch InfoTech EE
000306 Coord Eye Bank Svcs EF
001269 Coord Faculty & Std Advocacy EE
000561 Coord Faculty Com Office SoM EE
000640 Coord Fin Opers/PDC EE
000649 Coord Fin Opers/CUER EE
000304 Coord Football Admin NGD
000569 Coord Health Scis Std Counsel EE
000602 Coord Health Svcs Office EE
000330 Coord Home Health Prgm EG
000591 Coord Technology Administration
000553 Coord Intramural Sports ED
000588 Coord KEIS Eval EE
000289 Coord KTIP EE
000590 Coord KY Autism Trng EF
001242 Coord Learning Disabled Svcs ED
000765 Coord Learning Improvement Ctr EF
001249 Coord Med Curriculum & Dev EE
000694 Coord Mgmt Info Sys EF
000348 Coord Microsur Tchg Lab EE
001289 Coordinator
000302 Coord Ops Std Activity Ctr ED
000394 Coord Org Procur Dev Spclst EE
000596 Coord Outreach Clinics EE
000546 Coord Payroll Svcs EF
000910 Coord Physics Laboratories ED
001576 Coord Physics Tech Svcs NE
001449 Coord Plantrm Educl Outreach EE
000654 Coord Pub Svc Prgm EF
000297 Coord Radio & TV Dev Pub Info OTH
001446 Coord REACH Learning Rsrc Ctr EF
001288 Coord Recruitment & Job Rfrl EE
000540 Coord Risk Mgmt EE
000548 Coord SAC Cmnty Ctr ED
001447 Coord Space Sci Educ Ctr OTH
001290 Coord Spec Events NGD
001354 Coord Spec Projs Std Activ ED
000445 Coord Staff Dev & Wellness EG
000528 Coord Std Lead Prgms ED
001311 Coord Std Prgm Dev EF
001592 Coord Stdzd Patient Prgm ED
000359 Coord Surgical Oncology Lab EF
000438 Coord Surgical Rsrch Lab EF
000705 Coord Svc Learning Prgm EE
000739 Coord Svcs Blind/Vis Impaired ED
000740 Coord Svcs Deaf/Hard Hearing ED
000305 Coord Svcs Std Activity Ctr EE
000408 Coord Tchg Labs EE
001497 Coord Transfer Svcs EF
001343 Coord UnderGrad Advg EF
000535 Costume Designer EB
001493 Costume Shop Coord EC
Counselor Senior
001494 Counselor Asst ND
000261 Counselor MC NGD
000364 Curator Visual Rsrcs EE
001583 Curriculum Consult EG
001142 Custodial Supr NB
000651 Custodial Svcs Mgr ED
001143 Custodian NA
000676 Cytogenetic Techt EE
000339 Cytogenetic Techt Chief EF
000678 Cytogenetic Techt Sr EF




001239 Data Entry Spclst III NA
000853 Data Entry Spclst Lead NB
000854 Data Entry Supr NC
001627 Data Mgr EH
000855 Data Techn NA
000856 Data Techn Sr NB
001312 Database Adminr EH
000288 Database Analyst EG
000181 Dean ADM
001049 Dental Clinic Assoc NB
001052 Dental Clinic Assoc Sr NC
000543 Dental Clinic Ops Mgr EF
000415 Dental Clinic Supr EE
000944 Dental Equip & Maint Techn NC
000943 Dental Equip Techn NC
001236 Dental Equip Techn Sr NC
000961 Dental Hygienist NE
000527 Dental Instr Coord EE
000367 Dentist Pediatrics EH
001296 Departmental Info Tech Analyst EE
001306 Deputy Dir SUN EE
001586 Desktop Svcs Techn EE
000369 Dev Assoc ED
000370 Dev Assoc Sr EE
000371 Dev Coord EF
000725 Dialysis Educ Coord EF
000911 Dialysis Equip Techn NC
000912 Dialysis Equip Techn Chief ND
000267 Dialysis Nrsg Unit Asst Supr EG
000723 Dialysis Nrsg Unit Supr EH
001024 Dialysis Reprocessor NB
001022 Dialysis Techn NB
000914 Dialysis Techn Chief ND
000178 Dir ADM
000007 Dir Acad Info Tech EI
001246 Dir Acad Prgm Spd Sch EG
000472 Dir Acad Svcs EH
000092 Dir Access Ctr EF
001574 Dir ACI-EOL Prgm EG
001584 Dir Admin SPHIS EG
000737 Dir Adms Spd Sch EG
001620 Dir Advg & Std Svcs Spd Sch EG
001567 Dir Alumni Ops EH
000113 Dir Annual Gvg EH
000775 Dir Business Office OTH
000169 Dir Cardinal Ath Fund NGD
000061 Dir Central Billing & Info Sys EF
001377 Dir Child Care Ctr EF
001277 Dir Child Wlfr Rsrch/Dev Proj EF
001480 Dir Cmnty College Pathway EG
001336 Dir Cmnty Rel EH
001265 Dir Comm ADM
000390 Dir Comm & Mktg EI
001424 Dir Comm & Mktg EI
001510 Dir Comm Dev & Alumni EH
000128 Dir Cont & Professional Educ ADM
000130 Dir Cont Med Educ EI
001479 Dir Cont Social Work Educ EG
000025 Dir Contract & Risk Mgmt Admin EH
001555 Dir Contract Admin & Risk Mgmt EI
000160 Dir Corp & Foundation Rel EH
001368 Dir Dahlem Supercomputer Lab EG
000070 Dir Dental Std Svcs EH
000111 Dir Dev EH
001550 Dir Donor Rel & Dev Rsrch EG
000064 Dir Family Sppt Ctr EE
000565 Dir Food Processing Prgm EH
001358 Dir Gheens Sci Ctr & Plantrm EH
001478 Dir Grad Adms EG
000566 Dir Grad Med Educ EG
001553 Dir Grad Std Svcs EF
001625 Dir Grant Sppt & Spon Prgms EG
000105 Dir Grants & Contracts OTH
001222 Dir HSC Acad Prgms EI
001302 Dir HSC Faculty Affs EH
001548 Dir HSC Outreach Prgms EH
000171 Dir HSC Spec Prgms EI
000102 Dir HSC Tech Svcs EH
001564 Dir Human Studies Prgm EI
000155 Dir Info Tech Comm Svcs EI
000146 Dir Info Tech Consulting Svcs EI
000154 Dir Info Tech Data Svc Ctrs EI
000153 Dir Info Tech Imaging Svcs EI
000008 Dir Info Tech Info Sys EI
000054 Dir Info Tech Instructl Sppt EH
000149 Dir Info Tech Ops Ctr EI
000152 Dir Info Tech Printing Svcs EG
000143 Dir Info Tech Projs Admin EI
000151 Dir Info Tech Publ Svcs EH
000150 Dir Info Tech Rsrc Ctrs EH
000142 Dir Info Tech Rsrch & Dev EI
001431 Dir Instructl Dev EI
000162 Dir Intramural & Rec Sports EH
000112 Dir KIESD Rsrch & Dev EG
000515 Dir KY Cancer Prgm EI
000071 Dir Law Sch Std Svcs EF
001445 Dir Learning Rsrcs EG
000322 Dir Marching Band EF
001563 Dir MC NGD
000075 Dir Med Lab Pediatrics EF
000381 Dir Med Sch Adms EG
000351 Dir Med Sch Fin Aid EG
000600 Dir Med Sch Std Affs EG
000044 Dir Mentoring Prgm EF
000161 Dir Mjr Gifts EI
001596 Dir Mjr Gifts Brown Cancer Ctr EI
001597 Dir Mjr Gifts HSC EI
001598 Dir Mjr Gifts Med Sch EI
001608 Dir Mjr Gifts Planned Gvg SoM EI
001310 Dir Mktg Publs EG
001537 Dir Multctrl Acad Enrich Prgm EG
000088 Dir Multctrl Ctr EG
000077 Dir Natl Crime Prvntn Inst EH
001425 Dir Nrsg Acute Svcs EH
000080 Dir Nrsg Pediatrics EI
000078 Dir Nutr EE
001565 Dir Office of Grants Mgmt EH
001433 Dir Office of Rsrch Integrity EH
000131 Dir Paralegal Std Prgm EF
000095 Dir Plng Inst Rsrch Data Admin EI
000017 Dir Purchasing EI
001527 Dir Registration & Records EH
000079 Dir Residence Admin EI
001438 Dir Rsrch Prgm Cancer Ctr EG
000087 Dir SAC EG
000085 Dir Social Svcs Unit EF
001517 Dir Spec Projs EH
000360 Dir Spon Prgms EH
001621 Dir Sppt Svcs Spd Sch EG
000764 Dir Std Disability Rsrc Ctr EG
001591 Dir Std Svcs Sch of Nrsg EG
001364 Dir Stdzd Patient Prgm EH
000378 Dir Telecomm Rsrch Ctr EI
001640 Dir Undergrad Acad Advg EG
001250 Dir Undergrad Studies & REACH EG
000397 Dir Unit Std Svcs EE
000157 Dir Upward Bound EF
000398 Dir Vogt Engrng Ctr EI
000089 Dir Women's Ctr EH
001274 Division Info Tech Analyst EF
000616 Documentation Coord EE
001545 Driver Univ Shuttle NB
000955 Duplicator Techn NA






000979 Echocardiographic Techn NC
000478 Editor OTH
001344 Editor Health Scis Comm EE
001263 Editor UofL Magazine EE
000861 Editorial Asst Temp TMP
000402 Educ Spclst ED
001093 Electrical Foreman NE
001095 Electrical Ops Foreman NE
001094 Electrical Sys Spclst NE
001090 Electrician ND
001531 Electrician Apprentice NA
001181 Electrician Helper NB
000403 Electron Microscopist EC
000490 Electron Microscopist Sr EE
000690 Electronic Doc Coord EE
000420 Electronic Eng Sr EF
000416 Electronic Instr Spclst ED
000915 Electronic Publg Spclst NC
000924 Electronic Publg Spclst Sr ND
001560 Electronics Rsrch Eng EF
000953 Electronics Techn I NB
000954 Electronics Techn II ND
001035 Electronics Techn III NC
001102 Elevator Maint Spclst I NC
001101 Elevator Maint Spclst II ND
000405 Employ Rep ED
000644 Employ Rep Sr EE
001607 Employ Svcs Coord EG
001562 Endowed Chair Assoc Professor FAC
000222 Endowed Chair Professor FAC
001045 Energy Control Techn NC
001223 Eng OTH
001054 Engrng Techn ND
001067 Engrng Techn Temp TMP
001472 Enrollment Mgmt Assoc III EE
001544 Enrollment Mgmt Rsrch Analyst EF
001532 Enrollment Sys Spclst EF
001769 Enterprise Data Base Admin EI
001767 Enterprise Data Base Analyst III
001768 Enterprise Data Base Analyst Sr EH
001770 Enterprise Prgmr Analyst I EE
001771 Enterprise Prgmr Analyst II EF
001772 Enterprise Prgmr Analyst III EG
001773 Enterprise Prgmr Analyst IV EH
001774 Enterprise Security Analyst I EE
001775 Enterprise Security Analyst II EF
001776 Enterprise Security Analyst III EG
001777 Enterprise Security Analyst IV EH
001986 Enterprise Software Analyst
001763 Enterprise Sys Prgmr I EE
001764 Enterprise Sys Prgmr II EF
001765 Enterprise Sys Prgmr III EG
001766 Enterprise Sys Prgmr IV EH
001172 Equip Clerk NA
000510 Estimator ED
001437 Exec Asst CFC EH
001423 Exec Asst IID EE
000200 Exec Asst to Pres ADM
000009 Exec Asst to Provost EH
000184 Exec Dir ADM
000066 Exec Dir Adms EI
000034 Exec Dir Lic & Merch EH
000067 Exec Dir Rsrch & Asmt EH
001394 Exec Dir Spec Events & Prgms EI
001420 Exec Dir USI EH
000208 Exec in Residence OTH
000497 Exec Producer EF
000863 Exec Secretary NC
001626 Exec VP/Chancellor HSC ADM
000557 Eye Bank Techt NC




001175 Faclts Coord NB
001176 Faclts Coord Sr ND
001546 Faculty FAC
001432 Faculty Instructl Tech Coord ND
001441 Federal Work Study Std STD
001202 Fellow OTH
001721 Fellow OTH
001614 Fellow Clncl OTH
001554 Fellow Delphi OTH
001612 Fellow Hand OTH
001613 Fellow Rsrch OTH
001192 Field Ops Supr ND
001401 Field Trng Coord EF
001235 Field Trng Coord DDC EF
001234 Field Trng Coord Elem Schs EF
000881 Fin Acctg Clerk NB
000406 Fin Aid Advisor ED
000552 Fin Aid Advisor Sr EE
001660 Fin Coord EE
000094 Fin Dir Spec Prgms EG
001362 Fin Mgr ICT EG
000639 Fin Sys Analyst EH
000526 Fin Sys Spclst EF
001328 Fin Sys Spclst Sr EG
001147 Fire Equip Spclst ND
000782 Fiscal Data Mgr OTH
001125 Foreman Mechanical Svcs NE
001107 Foreman Renovation Svcs NE
001123 Foreman S&C Water Plant NE
000410 Forensic Autopsy Asst EB




001496 Gallery Dir EF
001148 Gardener NB
001081 General Maint Asst Foreman NC
001115 General Maint Mechanic NC
001117 General Maint Mechanic Helper NA
000599 Genetics Counselor EF
001579 Gift Admin Coord EF
001419 GIS Tech Consult EF
000483 GIS Techt EE
001414 Grad Std Advisor & Mktg Mgr EE
001202 Graduate Fellow OTH
001403 Grant Facilitator EC
001514 Grants & Contracts Asst ND
000257 Grants Mgmt Spclst EF
000778 Graphic Artist OTH
000411 Graphic Designer I EC
000806 Graphic Designer II ED
000807 Graphic Designer III EE
001287 Graphic Designer IV EF
001041 Graphic Photo Techn ND
001103 Grounds Equip Mechanic NB
001149 Groundskeeper NB
001151 Groundskeeper Foreman ND
001152 Groundskeeper Lead NB




000052 Haz Materials Mgr EG
001003 Haz Materials Techn ND
001330 Haz Materials Techn Sr NE
000789 Head Coach NGD
001342 Health Comm Spclst ED
000347 Health Educ Spclst I ED
001530 Health Info Proj Coord EE
001508 Health Info Proj Mgr EF
000413 Health Physicist EG
001533 Health Physicist Trainee ED
000615 Histotech Forensic Spclst EB
000614 Histotech Spclst ED
001247 House Staff OTH
001599 HR Receptionist NC
000376 HR Specialist EF
000827 HR Svc Ctr Asst NC
001645 HR Sys Analyst EH
000646 HR Sys Spclst EF
001300 Hrsmt & Sexual Hrsmt Educ Ofcr EE
001083 HVAC Foreman NE
001084 HVAC Mechanic ND
001082 HVAC Mechanic Apprentice NB




000050 Industrial Hygiene Mgr EH
000684 Industrial Hygiene Spclst EF
001506 Info & Records Coord EC
000732 Info & Records Mgr EF
000734 Info & Records Supr EE
000729 Info Mgmt Spclst ED
000862 Info Processor NB
000901 Info Processor Spclst NC
001481 Info Sys Analyst EF
001507 Info Sys Analyst Bursar EG
001259 Info Sys Analyst Radiology EF
001258 Info Sys Analyst Std Svcs EF
001397 Info Sys Proj Mgr EI
000276 Info Sys Specialist IV EE
000650 Info Tech Coord For VPFA OTH
000368 Info Tech Ops Ctr Supr EF
000822 Institution Rsrch Analyst I EE
001366 Instl Reserach Spclst EF
001334 Instl Review Bd Coord EE
001572 Instl Rsrch Analyst II EF
000773 Instr Mgr OTH
000970 Instr Techn Sr NC
000660 Instructl Tech Consult EE
000661 Instructl Tech Consult Sr EF
000235 Instructor FAC
000216 Instructor (Research) FAC
000212 Instructor (Term) FAC
000249 Instructor (Clinical Svs) FAC
000594 Insurance & Billing Mgr EF
001391 In-Svc Educator EE
000808 Interior Designer EB
000809 Interior Designer Sr EE
000674 Intl Prgm Advisor EE
000556 Intl Std Advisor EE
000418 Intl Std Coord EF
000355 Inventory Control Coord EC




001011 Lab Animal Techn NA
001005 Lab Animal Techn Sr NB
001006 Lab Animal Techt NC
001012 Lab Animal Techt Sr ND
000967 Lab Asst NA
000969 Lab Asst Sr NB
000780 Lab Info Spclst OTH
001276 Lab Mgr EF
001639 Lab Mgr Neurological Surgery EF
001372 Lab Mgr Rsrch Eng Lutz MicroRm EG
001251 Lab Ops Asst NA
001476 Lab Rsrch Coord ED
001352 Lab Rsrch Mgr EF
000971 Lab Rsrch Techn I NA
000972 Lab Rsrch Techn II NB
000973 Lab Rsrch Techn III NC
000975 Lab Rsrch Techn IV ND
000798 Lab Safety Ofcr OTH
000409 Lab Stockroom Mgr ED
000804 Lab Supr OTH
001154 Labor Foreman NC
000417 Labor Mgmt Spclst EE
001155 Laborer NA
001064 LAN Sys Advisor ND
001065 LAN Sys Advisor/Patrol Ofcr ND
001492 Laser Dev Eng EF
0010069 Lead Comp Operator Temp TMP
001400 Lead Dev Spclst EC
001378 Lead Teacher Infant Toddler EC
001379 Lead Teacher Preschool EC
000239 Lecturer FAC
000537 Legal Asst EF
000818 Librarian OTH
000658 Library Assoc EE
001256 Library Asst NC
000865 Library Asst IV ND
000669 Library Info Spclst EE
000802 Library Mgr OTH
001257 Library Spclst ND
001255 Library Techn NB
000314 Life Skills Coord NGD
001100 Locksmith NC
001631 LPN Nephrology NC




001122 Maint Foreman ND
000781 Maint Supt OTH
001160 Material Distribution Clerk NB
000522 Material Inventory Ops Mgr EE
001469 Math Decision Sci Prgm EF
000419 Major EH
000986 Max Prosthetic Techician NE
001157 Med Aide NA
000990 Med Asst II NA
001275 Med Asst III NB
000988 Med Asst Lead NC
000427 Med Editor EE
000849 Med Office Asst NB
000991 Med Techn NB
000429 Med Techt EC
000493 Med Techt Sr EE
000576 Media Consult Sr EE
000047 Membership Dev Dir ADM
000375 Mgr Acad Liaison EG
000277 Mgr Account Ops EG
000093 Mgr Benefits & Compensation EH
001570 Mgr Clncl Rsrch Ctr EG
001416 Mgr Comp Ops USI EG
000031 Mgr Comp Projs EG
000756 Mgr Conference Svcs EF
001136 Mgr Credit Svcs EE
001609 Mgr Crystallography Facility EF
000137 Mgr Cytogenetic Lab EH
001272 Mgr Donor Rel Rsrch Media Mktg EG
000046 Mgr Eye Bank EF
000279 Mgr Fin Rptg Univ Acctg EG
001622 Mgr Genetics Unit EG
000019 Mgr Haz Waste Worker Trng EF
000100 Mgr HSC Grad Affs EF
000325 Mgr Intl Dev Prgm EF
001286 Mgr KICS Prgm EF
000293 Mgr Mgmt Info Sys EG
000374 Mgr Microcomputer Lab EF
000637 Mgr Microcomputer Svcs EG
000389 Mgr Mktg Svcs EF
000484 Mgr MSPS OTH
001578 Mgr of Rptg EG
000103 Mgr Payroll EH
000575 Mgr Phys Plant Staff Dev EE
001351 Mgr Position Control EG
000125 Mgr Postal Svcs EE
000726 Mgr Prgms & Credit Svcs EE
000491 Mgr Process Tech Department OTH
000051 Mgr Radiation Safety EH
001439 Mgr RCCC EE
000138 Mgr Renal Disease Lab EF
001297 Mgr Rsrch Nrsg EH
000278 Mgr Spon Prgms Endow & Gifts EH
000135 Mgr Sppt Prgms ADM
001595 Mgr Std Svcs SPHIS EF
000136 Mgr Techl Svcs Spd EF
001512 Microfabrication Scientist ED
000758 Mktg Assoc NGD
001159 Motor Vehicle Operator NA
000934 Multimedia Techn I NC
000935 Multimedia Techn II ND




000947 Nephrology Nurse I ND
000948 Nephrology Nurse II NE
000949 Nephrology Nurse III NF
001357 Nephrology Nurse Practitioner EH
000494 Nephrology Nurse Spclst EF
000816 Network Adminr OTH
001409 Network Analyst Sr EH
000919 Network Svcs Techn I NC
000920 Network Svcs Techn II ND
000921 Network Svcs Techn III NE
000482 Neurosciences Imaging Techt EE
000422 NMR Faclts Mgr EG
000090 Nrsg Dir Nephrology EH
001028 Nurse Anesthetist NH
000144 Nurse Anesthetist Chief EH
000444 Nurse Coord EE
000442 Nurse Coord Sr EF
001700 Nurse Coord Sr Temp TMP
000433 Nurse Practitioner EH
000434 Nurse Practitioner Term TMP
000430 Nurse Spclst EE
000495 Nurse Spclst Sr EF
000439 Nutritionist ED
000496 Nutritionist Sr EE




000667 Occupational Therapist EF
000670 Occupational Therapist Sr EG
000871 Online Records Cataloger II NC
001427 OPB Appl Sys Analyst EH
001030 Ophthalmic Clinic Supr NC
001032 Ophthalmic Techn ND
001252 Ops Ctr Spclst I ED
001253 Ops Ctr Spclst II EE
001059 Orthodontic Lab Techn ND
001484 Orthodontic Patient Coord NC




001104 Painter NB
001106 Painter Foreman ND
001193 Parking Attendant NA
001191 Parking Svc Ofcr NB
000926 Patient Care Coord NC
001541 Patient Simulation Techn NB
001460 Patient Simulator Spclst EE
001165 Patrol Ofcr I
Patrol Ofcr II
001162 Patrol Ofcr III NF
001381 Pay Ops Coord NC
000443 Pediatrician EH
001552 Pediatrics Adminv Mgr EH
001629 Personnel Analyst Sr EG
000930 Photographer
001055 Photographic Techn NB
000668 Physical Security Coord EE
000799 Physician OTH
000436 Physician Asst EH
000692 Physician Placement Coord EG
000703 Physician Placement Recruiter EE
001017 Piano Techn NF
000447 Placement Advisor ED
001108 Plant Operator ND
001163 Plant Operator Asst NC
000521 Plantrm Prgm Coord EE
001450 Plantrm Reservationist ED
001503 Plantrm Techl Coord EG
000716 Plnng Analyst II EF
000707 Plnng Analyst III EG
001109 Plumber ND
001309 Plumber Apprentice NB
001111 Plumber Foreman NE
000334 Pol & Budget Analyst I EE
000333 Pol & Budget Analyst II EF
000335 Pol & Budget Analyst III EG
000768 Pollution Prvntn Coord EF
000766 Pollution Prvntn Eng EF
000767 Pollution Prvntn Spclst EF
000769 Pollution Prvntn Trng Coord EF
001467 Polysomnography Techt EF
000645 Position Mgmt Analyst EF
001188 Postal Clerk NA
001189 Postal Clerk Sr NB
Postdoctoral Associate
000820 Postdoctoral Fellow OTH
001610 Postdoctoral Fellow OTH
Postdoctoral Scholar
000179 Pres ADM
001112 Press Operator NC
001099 Press Operator Sr ND
000894 Prgm Asst NB
000875 Prgm Asst Sr NC
000698 Prgm Coord ED
000712 Prgm Coord CCC EE
001558 Prgm Coord CEE EE
000547 Prgm Coord Coop Edu Dev EE
001389 Prgm Coord Ctr Violence Urban EF
000683 Prgm Coord Haz Material Trng EE
001434 Prgm Coord KYAIDS Educ/TrngCtr EE
000697 Prgm Coord Ophthamoloy Trng EE
001632 Prgm Coord Psychoed Svcs WCEC EF
000699 Prgm Coord Sr EE
001577 Prgm Coord Sr KICS EE
001304 Prgm Coord WINGS EE
001601 Prgm Dev Ofcr ADM
Prgm Director
000700 Prgm Manager EG
000895 Prgm Marketer UCCPE NC
000623 Prgmr Analyst I ED
000625 Prgmr Analyst II EE
000626 Prgmr Analyst III EF
000627 Prgmr Analyst IV EG
000999 Prgmr III NF
001134 Printing Svcs Asst NA
001581 Privacy Ofcr ADM
001264 Prod Coord ED
000585 Prod Coord Printing EE
001086 Prod Coord Typesetting ND
001356 Producer/Designer EE
000449 Producer/Dir EE
000223 Professor FAC
000209 Professor (Term) FAC
000213 Professor (Research) FAC
000252 Professor (Clinical Svs) FAC
001214 Professor (Emerita) FAC
001206 Professor (Emeritus) FAC
000797 Proj Assoc OTH
000315 Proj Coord EC
000691 Proj Coord Family & Cmnty Med EE
001404 Proj Dir PQE EI
001413 Proj Mgr EF
000927 Proj Nurse NC
000457 Proj Nurse Sr EE
000459 Psychological Counselor EF
001643 Psychological Therapist EF
000499 Psychologist EG
000461 Psychologist Term TMP
001000 Psychometrician NB
001499 Psychometrician NC
000341 Psychometrician Chief EE
000500 Psychometrician Sr ND
000462 Pub Info Ofcr I EB
000463 Pub Info Ofcr II ED
000464 Pub Info Ofcr III EE
000859 Pub Safety Telecomm NC
Pub Safety Telecomm Supervisor
000783 Publs Section Mgr OTH
001451 Purchasing Sys Analyst EF




000672 Quality Assurance Unit Mgr EH
001305 Quality Data Coord EE




001376 Radiology Physician Asst EI
001010 Radiology Techn III ND
001283 Rapid Prototype Eng ED
000471 Reading Spclst OTH
000826 Receptionist NA
001303 Registered Nurse NF
001233 Repayment Spclst EB
000982 Respiratory Therapy Techn NE
001119 Roofer NB
001120 Roofer Helper NA
001538 Rsrch Adminv Coord EF
001602 Rsrch Adminv Sys Analyst EG
000458 Rsrch Analyst EC
000474 Rsrch Analyst II OTH
000501 Rsrch Analyst Sr ED
000811 Rsrch Assoc ED
001360 Rsrch Assoc ICT EG
000810 Rsrch Assoc Sr EE
001020 Rsrch Asst ND
000498 Rsrch Coord EF
001415 Rsrch Design Prgmr Delphi Ctr EG
001341 Rsrch Editor EE
000523 Rsrch Eng EF
001559 Rsrch Eng BioEnging EE
001486 Rsrch Eng Scientist EG
000772 Rsrch Eng Techt OTH
000665 Rsrch Facilitator EE
001260 Rsrch Fellow OTH
001462 Rsrch Grants Coord EE
001511 Rsrch Immunologist EE
001573 Rsrch Info Coord EF
001501 Rsrch Integrity Spclst EF
000175 Rsrch Mgr EF
000592 Rsrch Mgr Clinic Nutr EF
001465 Rsrch Mgr Sr Cancer Ctr EF
001520 Rsrch Nurse EF
001279 Rsrch Nurse II ND
001539 Rsrch Nurse Mgr EF
001557 Rsrch Proj Eng CEE EE
000544 Rsrch Proposal Ofcr I EE
000573 Rsrch Proposal Ofcr II EF
000477 Rsrch Publ Editor EC
000754 Rsrch Rsrc Faclts Mgr EG
000776 Rsrch Scientific Techt OTH
000812 Rsrch Scientist EF
000643 Rsrch Spclst OTH
001571 Rsrch Techl Writer EF
000978 Rsrch Techl Writer NC
001473 Rsrch Techn Biogeochemistry EE
000479 Rsrch Techt I EB
000481 Rsrch Techt II ED
000502 Rsrch Techt Sr EE




001018 Scenery Techn NB
000819 Sci Reference Librarian OTH
000785 Scientific Analyst Prgmr OTH
001458 Scientific Instr Spclst EE
000879 Secretary I NA
000888 Secretary II NB
001166 Security Ofcr NA
001013 Security Ofcr Temp TMP
001543 Sgt Techl Ops NE
001442 Sleep Techn ED
000343 Social Worker Chief EF
000507 Social Worker I EC
000509 Social Worker II ED
001459 Social Worker III EE
001453 Space Utilization Coord EF
000134 Spec Asst to VPBA for Info ADM
000192 Spec Asst Investment Mktg ADM
001254 Spec Asst Mktg Rsrch Advtg OTH
000187 Spec Asst to the VP ADM
001282 Spec Proj Electronic Doc Coord EE
000512 Speech Pathologist EF
000505 Speech Pathologist Sr EG
001173 Sports Facility Supr NB
001044 Sppt Svcs Asst ND
000043 Sr Assoc Ath Dir ADM
000186 Sr Assoc Dean ADM
000931 Sr Bd Operator WUOL NB
000580 Sr Const Coord OTH
001268 Sr Coord, Donor Relation EF
000032 Sr Distinguished Fellow OTH
000534 Sr Environ Scientist OTH
001284 Sr Fellow OTH
001554 Sr Fellow in Health Policy OTH
001762 Sr Financial Planning Analyst EH
001412 Sr Info Sys Auditor EH
001542 Sr Instl Rsrch Analyst EG
001495 Sr Pol & Budget Analyst EG
001417 Sr Prgmr USI EG
001418 Sr Prgmr Web Coord USI EG
001318 Sr Proj Advisor Cmnty Prtnrs OTH
001348 Sr Rsrch Asst ED
000664 Sr Rsrch Facilitator EE
000673 Sr Rsrch Faculty Clncl Nutr EE
000039 Stadium Mgr NGD
000629 Staff Archaeologist EE
000516 Staff Eng EG
000720 Staff Grievance Ofcr OTH
000795 Staff Nurse OTH
000465 Station Mgr EE
000657 Statistical Consult Sr EF
001196 Std Assistant STD
001604 Std Dev Spclst ED
000513 Std Dev Spclst OTH
000801 Std Grievance Ofcr OTH
001616 Std Tutor STD
000717 Std Sys Spclst ED
001132 Supply Clerk Sr NA
001021 Supply Techn NC
001411 Supr Animal Husbandry NE
000913 Supr Dialysis Clncl Engrng NF
000601 Supr Forensic Pathology Lab ED
000539 Supr Neuro Surgery Lab EF
000530 Supr Spec Procedures Lab EG
000532 Supr Tissue Typing Lab EE
000116 Supt Custodial Svcs EG
000117 Supt Electrical Maint EG
000118 Supt Grounds EE
000121 Supt HSC Phys Plant Svcs EE
000120 Supt Maint & Renovation EF
000119 Supt Mechanical Svcs EG
001016 Surgical Techn NB
001128 Svc Mgr Fleet Garage NC
Sys Analyst
Sys Analyst Sr
000774 Sys Analyst Prgmr OTH
000619 Sys Prgmr I ED
000620 Sys Prgmr II EE
000621 Sys Prgmr III EF
000622 Sys Prgmr IV EG




001757 Team Leader EG
001756 Team Leader Senior EH
000634 Tech Consult I EC
000635 Tech Consult II ED
000636 Tech Consult III EE
000641 Tech Consult IV EG
000757 Tech Coord-Waste Reduction EE
001385 Tech Dir Mass Spectrometry Lab EF
001490 Tech Mgr EH
000578 Tech Rsrch Svcs Coord EE
001323 Tech Spclst ED
001324 Tech Spclst Intermed EE
001326 Tech Spclst Sr EF
000480 Techt OTH
000892 TeleComm Operator NA
000889 TeleComm Operator Sr NB
000567 Television Eng Sr EF
001339 Tour Coord EC
001131 Trades Apprentice Temp TMP
001177 Trades Helper Temp TMP
001463 Transfer Credit Spclst ED
001443 Trng Coord ED
000036 Trng Dir EG
000857 Tumor Registrar NC
000245 Tutor STD




000426 Unit Business Mgr EE
000428 Unit Business Mgr Intermed EF
000108 Unit Business Mgr Sr EG
000107 Unit Business Manager Temp TMP
000048 Univ Coord Educ Reform Init ADM
000049 Univ Coord Sch Reform Init ADM
000198 Univ Counsel ADM
001170 Univ Fire Marshall NE
000202 Univ Librarian ADM
001217 Univ Librarian Emerita RET
001212 Univ Librarian Emeritus RET
000164 Univ Provost ADM
000145 Univ Registrar ADM
000504 Urban Sys Rsrcher EF
000506 Urban Sys Rsrcher Sr EG




000909 Veterinary Assoc NE
000392 Veterinary Rsrch Techt EE
000185 Vice Dean ADM
001429 Vice Provost Dvrsty & Equal Op ADM
000933 Video Prod Spclst NC
001355 Video Prod Spclst Sr ND
001338 Visitor Info Mgr EE
000180 VP ADM
001353 VPFA Application Sys Analyst EH




000817 Web & Media Designer MC NGD
001285 Website Consult EB
000466 Website Coord ED
001619 WINGS Billing Coord ND
000800 Writer OTH


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