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Professional/Administrative Job Specification 

Job Title: Superintendent, HSC - Physical Plant Services
Class Code:  000121

Job Summary

Plan and supervise all maintenance, repair and renovation work for Physical Plant on the Health Science Campus.

Duties and Responsibilities

Prioritize and make major project work assignments to three foremen supervising ten different crafts.

Monitor work in progress by functional groups to ensure satisfactory results with regard to completion schedules and work quality.

Monitor progress and schedule work involved with a campus-wide preventive maintenance program involving all shops.

Interview and hire potential new employees. Invoke disciplinary actions and handle grievances when necessary. Monitor performance review process and resolve problems.

Provide detailed cost estimates for remodeling and renovation work and check estimates of foremen before sending out new equipment installations.

Evaluate the need for and then purchase new equipment, tools and supplies. Review requisitions for materials and supplies from the three shop supervisors.

Represent the Physical Plant Department at various committee meetings such as safety or auxiliary services.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Bachelor's degree in Engineering or related field. An equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience may be substituted for the requirements noted.


Six years of experience in Building Trades.

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