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Hiring Processes

The Hiring Processes for Employment Services includes posting a position, screening applicants, selecting applicants, and the completion of all new hires, re-hires, and promotions.

Hiring Processes for Staff Positions


All aspects from placing the job opening to hiring the final candidate are now completed within PeopleSoft. For a complete listing of required processes or to arrange training for PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions, please contact Employment Services at 502.852.6542. Employment Services can also be contacted via email at


Opening and Posting the Vacant Position

Opening and Posting the Vacant Position


Once the position classification has been confirmed a requisition must be created in PeopleSoft. To create a job opening see the Recruiting Solutions Manual (PDF).

Please note all job openings should be posted Sunday through Sunday of each week. It is at the department's discretion to update the job opening submission dates within the PeopleSoft system each week.

Your Employment Services Representative MUST receive the job opening information by end of business Wednesday in order for the position to be advertised in the following week's Career Opportunities. You will be contacted by your Employment Services Representative to confirm the duties and classification of the position.

All positions that are deemed underutilized must assign a search committee when opening a new position search.

Once posted, positions will remain active according to the following schedule unless prior arrangement is made with the Employment Services Representative. 

Local Postings: Two weeks

Statewide/National Posting: Four weeks


Screening Candidates

Screening Candidates


All candidate information including the application should be available within the PeopleSoft system. Departments requesting screened applications may receive application access at the conclusion of the posting period. If you have any questions regarding a candidate or system information, please contact your Employment Services Representative.


Notification to Human Resources of a Selected Candidate

Notification to Human Resources of a Selected Candidate


For continuing information regarding filling a position, please seethe Recruiting Solutions Manual (PDF)

Please note all hires to the university now require a Criminal Background Check (CBC). To learn more regarding these requirements, please see the Criminal History Background Check Frequently Asked Questions.

Departments will work with their Employment Representative to complete the Offers Panel in PeopleSoft. Departments MUST wait for final authorization to extend an offer of employment to the preferred candidate.

Departments should be aware the Offer Accepted submission within PeopleSoft is due by Wednesday 12:00 P.M. in order for the new hire to attend orientation the following Monday. The CBC, when applicable, must also have been completed prior to the Offer Accepted submission.


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