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Employment Process Deadlines

The following deadlines are required in order to post and hire for any position.


Posting a new job opening -

  • All job opening submissions are due by 12:00 PM each Monday.
  • Please be sure to email your Employment Services Representative in order to ensure your job opening submission has been received.


Selecting a preferred candidate -

  • Criminal Background Checks are required of all new hires to the university. CBC requests can take between five to seven business days to complete.
  • CBC submissions must be faxed to the Employment Representative one week prior to the completion of a new hire. CBC's are submitted to the university's current vendor by 4:00 each day.
  • Accepted Offer submission panels are due within PeopleSoft by 12:00 each Wednesday. The CBC, when applicable, must be completed before the offer can be extended to any candidate.


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