Job Title: Postdoctoral Scholar

Job Code: 001780

Job Summary

An individual who will be substantially involved in full-time research or scholarship and has had 3+ years of training under the mentorship of a senior scholar in preparation for an academic and/or research career.  Postdoctoral Scholars may not be enrolled in a formal academic program.  The credentials for this position would include documentation of annual publications as a first author, holding an extramural fellowship or grant, or having academic credentials indicating they have had measures of success beyond an initial training period.  Postdoctoral Scholar positions are a term appointment, scholarly, partially independent from the mentorship of a senior scholar and aimed at an academic or research career in academe, industry, government or the non-profit sector.

Duties and Responsibilities

Postdoctoral Scholar appointments are a term appointment and have fixed end dates.

The total duration of an individual’s postdoctoral service may not exceed seven years.

Participate in a full-time regimen of advanced training and research.

Train under the supervision and direction of a faculty research mentor who will provide the opportunity for collaborative and independent research, as well as promote publication of findings as determined by mutual agreement between the Postdoctoral Scholar and the mentor.

Training as a Postdoctoral Scholar includes all relevant academic activities related to the preparation for a career in research or academia. These are typically:

§  Research activities

§  Manuscript preparation of research findings

§  Reading literature

§  Manuscript reviewing

§  Presentations at meetings

§  Attendance and presentation at seminars

§  Organization and attendance at training related activities

§  Limited training in teaching related activities

In many cases the training component of a Postdoctoral Scholar may involve the joint preparation and development of proposals for extramural funding.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Completion of a Ph.D. or equivalent (M.D., D.V.M., etc.).


Three years of related experience as a Postdoctoral Associate.