JOB TITLE:Clinical Coordinator, Speech and Language Services



Coordinate clinical services the the CEC Speech-Language Department. Representative for the department in program development. Provide speech-language evaluation and therapy services for the children and some adults with development disabilities.


Provide Speed-Language evaluation and intervention services. Counsel families and/or primary care givers regarding diagnostic findings or therapy services. Coordinate work with other professionals at the WCEC as part of an inter-disciplinary team.

Coordinate speech-language clinical services and provide supervision to department staff. Interview speech-language job candidates and make hiring recommendations.

Lead speech-language department initiatives for the creation and development of evaluation procedures, parent information materials, recommendations, and referral sources, and provide planning and direction to achieve state of the art speech-language pathology services at the WCEC in accordance with the ethical standards of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Serve as speech-language state consultant in Kentucky Early Intervention System (KEIS) Record Review services provision and eligibility determination, providing evaluation of children in the KEIS and serve as part of a multi-disciplinary team in diagnostic clarification and program planning.

Provide mentorship to speech-language pathologists in the Systematic Treatment for Autism and Related conditions (STAR) program to increase the sophistication of speech-language therapy services provided through this program.

Serve as co-director in development of an Augmentative/Alternative Communication Evaluation and Treatment Program for children with Autism.

Lead task for developing policies and procedures regarding the provision of all intervention services for children and developmental disabilities and their families at the WCEC.

Lead WCEC staff in education of Health Literacy Issues, and application of strategies to address these issues within the daily operations of the Center.


Masters degree in Speech/Language Pathology. Certificate of Clinical Compliance and Kentucky Licensure in Speech Pathology required.


Six years related experience.