JOB TITLE: Plumber Foreman
CLASS CODE: 001111 


Supervise other plumbers and perform skilled work in maintaining, installing and repairing a variety of plumbing and heating systems and fixtures.


Assign, supervise, and work in the following areas:

Install, maintain, and repair valves, faucets, traps, sinks, wash bowls, sewers, vents and other sanitary fixtures.

Maintain piping systems by opening clogged drains; replace washers on leaky faucets.

Repair, replace and check high and low pressure steam boilers; check all safety devices and controls, replacing and repairing when needed; flush and clean boilers, storage and return tanks, hot water heaters and similar apparatus.

Make estimates of time and materials.

Supervise the work of skilled and semi-skilled assistants in various phases of work.

Operate pipe cutters, reamers, threading machines, sewer tapes, cables and other related tools and equipment.

Cut and thread pipes, melts, and lead joints.

Repair kitchen and laundry equipment as required.

Perform other related duties as assigned.


Completion of Journeyman's training, and Plumber's license. Valid driver's license. Must be insurable by the university's insurance carrier. Police record check and employment physical required.


Four years of experience.