Classified Job Specification
(7 /97)

JobTitle:Ophthalmic Clinic Supr
Class Code:001030

Job Summary

Supervise all functions of Primary Care Eye Clinic. Hire, evaluate, manage and train all personnel. Manage patient scheduling and flow of clinic. Update and monitor OSHA regulations. Prepare administrative reports.

Duties and Responsibilities

Hire, evaluate and manage all personnel and functions of the PCC clinic with the consent of the Medical Director and the Departmental administration.

Train clerical staff on computer system, clinic procedures, on the job duties and responsibilities as needed to perform their job.

Prepare clinical administrative reports involvong patients and financial; data gathering, compilation and analysis for departmental administration and PCC administration. Develop and monito surveys.

Pre-audit patient charts for proper chart documentation for third party and resident review requirements and input charges, payments, adjustments as required.

Coordinate the supply and equipment inventories and recommend purchases fpr PCC clinic.

Resolve patient relations problems.

Update and monitor clinic OSHA regulations and be responsible for all new personnel to be trained and made aware of the OSHA regulations.

Perform other related duties as required.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Eighteen months of related education or training beyond the high school level.


Two years of related experience.  An equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience may be susbstituted for the requirements noted.