JOB TITLE: Dialysis Reprocessor
CLASS CODE: 001024  



After training in proper infection control procedures, formal orientation to the Kidney Disease Program, and the successful completion of testing, this position will, under direct supervision, be responsible for reprocessing and preparing new dialyzers; operating and maintaining bicarbonate concentrate mixing  apparatus; assisting patient care and equipment technicians in performing other various duties and maintaining complete and accurate records of same. In addition is responsible for Central Stores operation.


Collect dialyzers after use, reprocess dialyzers; prepare and issue new dialyzers; clean and sanitize reuse equipment; inspect dialyzer after reprocessing to determine if the external surface is clean, that the dialyzer is not damaged, and that rinsing of blood has been satisfactorily completed and free of toxic residues and chemical germicides. The dialyzer should also be aesthetically acceptable in appearance. Maintain current and complete documentation. Assist in the training of new Reprocessing staff.

Operate a specialized pump and tank system to aseptically prepare large quantities of bicarbonate concentrate solutions to exact specifications; test the mixed solutions for proper pH and conductance; fill and label individual bicarb containers for use in dialysis treatments; and maintain current and accurate documentation of same.

Aseptically take samples for culturing reuse equipment, bicarb equipment and other systems as needed; adjust conductivity meters; check calibration of heating blocks; assist equipment technicians in performing preventive maintenance on associate dialysis equipment; assist patient care technicians in troubleshooting machine problems and filling out engineering work orders.

Clean and disinfect bicarbonate concentrate containers and maintain current and accurate documentation of same. Fill and label 5-gallon containers with various types of acidified concentrates for use in dialysis treatments. Fill spray bottles, collect and disinfect clamps and caps, empty saline basins, fill disinfectant bottles and perform other duties as assigned.

Perform routine maintenance and disinfecting on associated equipment (e.g., bicarb RO system, bicarb storage tanks, concentrate pumps) and maintain current and complete documentation of same. Using concentrated caustic solutions, prepare disinfectant solutions for use in the Renatron Reprocessing equipment and as a surface disinfectant for exterior cleaning of dialyzers, dialyzer and concentrate caps and associated equipment.

Place Central Stores orders, receive and store incoming stock shipments and check for expired products. Pick up and delivery of documents and supplies to chronic and acute dialysis units, home training, clinic and research. Requires driving Division owned van. Stock is to be maintained in a first in, first out, method to ensure usage prior to expiration date.


Up to 18 months of training beyond high school level. Must have mechanical aptitudes or some education/experience operating electrical, mechanical and/or pumping equipment. Valid driver's license. CPR certification (CPR training/certification offered at the KEP and must be taken during first three months of employment).  Kentucky Dialysis Technician credentialing, and must complete and pass a 10 week orientation to achieve Kentucky Dialysis Technician credentialing upon hire.


Qualified level with one year of reprocessing experience. Trainee level with less than twelve months of reprocessing experience, plus required mechanical, electrical or pumping experience. An equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience may be substituted for the requirements noted.