Job Title:Dialysis TechnicianClass Code:557210

Job Summary

Deliver dialysis and related treatment to patients experiencing temporary or permanent loss of kidney function.

Duties & Responsibilities

Set up hemodialysis machines, utilize prescription written. Ensure safety of the equipment by testing alarms on each machine and verification of appropriate dialyzers, tubing and dialysate concentrate, check conductivity. Obtain blood samples. Pick up blood when necessary. Perform APTT or activated clotting times as indicated. Proficient with endpoint. Initiate dialysis treatment utilizing access routes.

Utilize all equipment in safe manner. Observe dialysis equipment for correct functioning during the treatment, responds to alarms and makes appropriate adjustments.

Prepare set-ups including drawing up heparin, saline and xylocaine. Weigh patients. Obtain baseline vital signs.

Inspect accesses and perform venipunctures utilizing acceptable guidelines and technique. Takes direction from the Registered Nurses for intervening therapies for patient care.

Respond to alarm conditions and recirculate blood when necessary. Trouble-shoot equipment and report malfunctions. Discontinue therapy for emergencies following directions from Registered Nurse.

Handle patient assignments independently.

Perform PD exchanges in the Acute Unit setting, provide exit site care, chart information regarding PD fluid and report to nurse charted information.

Clean machines, chairs, beside table after patient use, disinfect equipment every night and note in on the chart. Dispose of contaminated equipment, disposables and sharps in appropriate containers. Notify of malfunctioning equipment and unsafe work practices or environmental hazards. Maintain, place stock supplies in appropriate locations.

In the acute unit setting must disinfect dialysis machines with beach, placing renalin in RO's for 10-12 hr rinses, and disinfect bicarb jugs with appropriate documentation of action taken.

Participate in new equipment evaluations. Perform routine patient education regarding safety (i.e., Emergency take-off). Participate in education of patients regarding disease process, therapies, etc. Maintain current CPR certification. CQI participation. Participate in special projects, audits, quality improvement and active research studies. Serve as preceptor for new technicians.


Dialysis Technician/557210

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Communicate with Registered Nurse and other patient care team regarding changes in patient condition and treatment parameters.

Knowledge, Training & Skills

Post high school completion of Medical Assistant Training. Acute unit requires driver's license or adequate transportation to various dialysis facilities.


Qualified level with one year of dialysis experience.

Trainee level with twelve months of dialysis, medical assistance or emergency medical technician experience.

Supervisor Title(s)

Unit Nursing, Supervisor

Subordinate Title(s)