Job Title:Nephrology Nurse III
Job Code:000494

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Associate's degree in Nursing. Registration to practice nursing in the Commonwealth of Kentucky is required.


One year of experience plus two years of dialysis experience.


This is an old job specification for job code 000949 - Nephrology Nurse Specialist.  The job code is now assigned to Nephrology Nurse III.

Professional & Administrative Job Specification (7/94)

Job Title:Nephrology Nurse Specialist
Class Code:000494Grade:EF

Job Summary (This was for Nephrology Nurse Specialist)

To assist in the coordination and direction of a comprehensive patient care plan for assigned patients that includes on-going reviews and update of medications, laboratory studies, and physician orders.

Duties and Responsibilities (This was for Nephrology Nurse Specialist)

Initiate and prepare a nursing care plan for each patient; discuss plan of care with the patient and family.

Meet with patient families, social workers, dietician, and physicians to coordinate teaching, financial assistance, compliance, and rehabilitation.

Maintain comprehensive medical records and alert physicians to potential problems.

Initiate new patients into the chronic unit; complete nursing history and assessment; indicate short and long-term goals of patient care.

Ensure continuity of care when patient is hospitalized by communicating patient's history and plan of care to other units temporarily caring for patient.

Assess the type of dialysis selected which best meets the needs of each patient.

Review laboratory data and implement changes in treatment as prescribed by set policies.

Accumulate information concerning socio-economic and educational background of assigned patients.

Document pertinent information in the patients' charts.

Obtain, review, and implement medical order of physician.

Carry out mechanics of dialysis.

Perform related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Training and Skills (This was for Nephrology Nurse Specialist)

Bachelor's degree in Nursing. Registration to practice nursing in the Commonwealth of Kentucky is required. Additional experience may be substituted for up to two years of related education.

Experience (This was for Nephrology Nurse Specialist)

Three years of experience.

Supervisor Title(s)

Nursing Supervisor

Subordinate Title(s)

Dialysis Technicians