JOB TITLE:Public Safety Telecommunicator Supervisor
CLASS CODE:  000898



Supervise and monitor the personnel and day to day activities of the Department of Public Safety Communications Unit. Operate various communications equipment in a highly technical environment, including multi-channel two-way radio system, the Law Enforcement Network of Kentucky/National Crime Information Center Computer terminal, emergency telephone system, multi-line telephone system and TDD unit.



Supervise all subordinate employees of the Communications Unit.

Maintain the various personnel files including off-day requests, sick leave requests, and mandatory and elective training requests.

Be responsible for insuring that all communication equipment and emergency equipment is in proper working and/or maintained by the proper university or outside vendors.

Maintain a working knowledge of all polices and procedures that apply to the Communications Unit and the employees of the unit.

Be responsible for the enforcement of all rules, regulations, policies and procedures that apply to the Communications Unit.

Maintain a working knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of all assigned subordinate employees including the following:

Transmit and receive two-way radio messages to and from police officers, parking personnel, security personnel, physical plant personnel, athletics personnel and SAC personnel. Dispatch these personnel to emergency and non-emergency runs.

Enters data into computer aided dispatch computer and maintains the information retrievable from the computer aided dispatch (CAD) software.

Provide various information and assistance to the public and University community through telephonic, personal and emergency telephone communications system.

Monitor, program and respond to the computer-based fire and security system (Thorn) and make decisions concerning building access, access card use and authenticity, arming and disarming intrusion alarm system. Dispatch responding agencies as needed.

Operate the National Crime Information Center's computer system. Maintain training and proficiency in new procedures and laws governing use. Maintain and keep current, various records related to the system.

Maintain arrest, report and field interview files, conduct record checks.

Parking duties: notifying wrecker service, releasing impounded vehicles and issuing permits.

Accept and record information related to lost and found property. Notify owner and release property, if possible.

Monitor and respond to members of the deaf community through TDD system.

Maintain and file equipment and radio logs in accordance to the Open Campus Police Log Legislation of 1995.

Maintain files concerning building openings and closings and coordinate efforts with building personnel and the Office of Planning, Design and Construction.

Monitor and control CCTV system and assess conditions of the viewed scenes.

Monitor communications activities from other agencies and weather conditions and apprise appropriate personnel of situations affecting the University

Operates and prepares the Continuum alarm and Access systems. Prepares Access card, building schedules, and maintains the Access card database.


High school diploma.  Normal speech and hearing. Keyboard skills - 25 wpm. Passage of a criminal conviction check and psychological examination required. Kentucky State Certification as a Public Safety Telecommunicator and a LINK/NCIC Operator.


Two years of related experience, at least one of which is as a Telecommunicator or with technical supervisory responsibility.