Job Title:Research Scientist
Job Code:000812

Job Summary

Direct research, organize data collection and analysis, and assist in research related tasks on specified projects.

Duties and Responsibilities

Direct, conduct and organize data collection and analysis activities; coordinate and schedule research activities.

Provide supervision for research and associate positions.

May interact with human subjects, perform experimental research and assist in special research projects.

Develop data collection instruments and administrative policies and procedures.

Organize and conduct statistical analysis of data generated from study results.

Prepare written reports and documents pertaining to data management, research methodology, and study results.

Monitor and update research projections, including correspondence with funding agencies and Institutional Review Board.

Conduct research on past literature, monitor current research literature for relevant information.

Provide teaching support such as grading tests and entering scores.

May collect, edit and present research outcomes.

May create computer programs to present research stimuli.

May recommend new ideas for ongoing lines of research.

May participate in contract and grant proposal preparation and development.

May interpret and advise faculty regarding extramural funding source guidelines and requirements.

Perform related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Ph.D. in a related field.


Seven years of applied research experience or a master's degree and ten years of applied research experience.