Job Title:Eye Bank Technician
Class Code:000557

Job Summary

Evaluate donor medical histories, sterile recovery and processing of eye tissue, determine surgical and/or research suitability, draw blood for serological testing, interpret serological test results, perform and interpret intravenous fluid algorithms, maintain, monitor, and document weekly operation of laboratory equipment. Perform specular and slit lamp microscopic examinations of eye tissue for transplant. Dispense eye tissue to surgeons and other eye banks. Present organ and tissue donation programs to health care professionals and the lay public.

Duties and Responsibilities

Regular and on call duties. Go on site to evaluate and document in writing eye tissue donors to determine suitability for human transplantation. Review donor medical charts to obtain cause of death, review and interpret blood, urine, sputum cultures, white blood cell counts, hospital medications crystalloid, colloid, blood product intake. Perform and interpret an intravenous fluid algorithms to determine the accuracy of serological testing. Perform a physical assessment of the donor body to determine presence and/or evidence of needle tracks, tattoos, body piercing, venereal disease, surgical and/or traumatic wounds, scars, abrasions. Setup a sterile field and perform a sterile post mortem surgical recovery of eye tissue. Draw blood for serological testing. Obtain consent and donor medical social history from the legal next of kin.

Laboratory processing of eye tissue by slit lamp and specular microscopy of the five different layers of the cornea to aid in determining the suitability of tissue for transplant vs. Research usage. Interpret serological test results. Dissect and package human banked sclera tissue for surgical use. Dissect and dispense eye tissue for research.

Monitor and document quality control of all major laboratory equipment. i.e., eye bank refrigerator temperature, steam autoclave, laminar air flow hood, and cleaning there of. Package and process eye enucleation trays and dispense supplies to area satellite stations. Package all necessary paper work, dispense and cause delivery of cornea tissue to transplanting surgeons or other eye banks.

Foster and maintain Category I Status for recertification with the EBAA. Maintain preparedness for unannounced site inspecting by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Continuing Education: Attend Eye Bank Association of America technician training course and maintain certification as an eye bank technician by completing course work required within the appropriate time frame. Assist to provide training for contract labor technicians within our service area to insure their proficiency.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Associates degree in Health, Allied Health or Science. Certification as Eye Bank Technician within one year of employment is required.


One year of related experience. Additional experience may be used on a one-to-one basis to offset the educational requirements

Supervisor Title(s)

Coordinator, Eye Bank Services