Job Title:Spvr, Tissue Typing Lab
Class Code:000532

Job Summary

Supervise the technical and administrative operations of the Laboratory including maintenance of quality control, training, and directing staff, purchasing, and records.

Duties and Responsibilities

Organize laboratory operations, schedule, and assign duties.

Train technical staff, develop procedures manual.

Ensure quality control procedure and standards are maintained in all laboratory operations.

Maintain patient records, prepare reports, communicate test results to medical staff.

Develop and/or modify procedures to incorporate new equipment or technology.

Perform administrative duties including test charges, ordering supplies and equipment, compiling workload statistics, etc.

Oversee laboratory housekeeping procedures including handling of bio-hazardous waste.

Perform laboratory tests and procedures as necessary.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Bachelor's degree in closely related field.


Three years of directly related Laboratory experience is required.