Job Title:Dental Instrument Coordinator
Job Code:000527

Job Summary

Responsible for managing all functions of the instrument rental system at the Dental School, the dental dispensary system, and the sterilization room.

Duties and Responsibilities

Manage the instrument rental system for all dental clinics. Keep inventory of instruments and order replacements; order and replace substitute items in the trays; work with course directors to organize and maintain a correct list of all pre-clinical items needed; order, organize and distribute kits each semester.

Manage dental dispensary system. Supervise dispensary clerks to oversee the distribution of all consumable products used by DMD, graduate and dental hygiene students in six different clinics.

Supervise the sterilization room and staff who are responsible for sterilizing instruments and burs.

Supervise equipment clerks who order and receive clinical supplies, handle internal distribution of consumable supplies, and collection and distribution of laundry.

Coordinate with equipment technicians any needed repairs of clinical equipment and maintenance of any tanks for nitrous oxide and oxygen.

Oversee student lab monitors who work daily to stock labs with supplies, chemicals and handpieces.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Bachelor's degree in Business or related field.


Two years of related experience.

Supervisor Title(s)

Associate Dean for Finance and Administration

Subordinate Title(s)