Job Title:Station Manager
Class Code:000465Grade:EE

Job Summary

Direct on-site, day-to-day operations of WUOL radio station: includes programming and broadcasts, programming-related employees, engineering needs and concerns, Federal licenses and grants and monthly printed program guide content. Provides vision and leadership to staff, students and faculty involved in radio station programming and operations. Has budget and signature authority.

Duties and Responsibilities

Oversee, monitor and critique the performance of WUOL employees (including students).

Prepare and administer station budget; approve expenditures to outside vendors as well as other (internal) University departments or units.

Maintain compliance of WUOL with Federal agencies and Federal grants.

Evaluate station maintenance and engineering needs and co-ordinate activities of repair technicians.

Examine quality of program tapes recorded from public radio satellite system: process incoming teletype messages related to such programs: schedule capture of wanted programs on tape.

Liaison with staffs and managers of partner stations WFPK & WFPL, as part of the Public Radio Partnership.

Review and respond to listener letters and calls.

Recommend new programs for broadcast on WUOL.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Master's degree in Broadcast Management and/or Classical Music History. Federal Communications Commission Restricted Radiotelephone Operator permit.


Five years related experience.

An equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience may be substituted for the requirements noted.

Supervisor Title(s)

Director of University Communications

Subordinate Title(s)