Job Title:Dentist, Pediatrics
Class Code:000367

Job Summary

Promote dental care to children eligible for the Children and Youth Project, Department of Pediatrics School of Medicine.

Duties and Responsibilities

Examine patient's teeth and surrounding oral structures, utilizing instruments and other diagnostic procedures.

Treat diseases of the teeth and mouth.

Restore decayed teeth; extract teeth when necessary.

Provide dietary and child need counseling to parents.

Construct space maintenance and active appliances.

Administer program of prophylaxis including fluoride treatments and oral hygiene instructions.

Interview, instruct and evaluate technical and support staff and their performance.

Supervise students performing clinical procedures in the absence of the Director.

Perform other functions as necessary.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

D.M.D. (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry) with emphasis in Pediatric Dentistry or experience with pediatric patients. Current Kentucky Dental License and current DEA registration.


Two years of related experience.