Job Title: Compensation Analyst Sr
Job Code: 000345

Job Summary

Perform functions necessary to analyze and interpret external market data for the purpose of benchmarking University staff positions.  Conduct review and analysis of existing pay systems and policies and make recommendations as needed.  Track compensation related factors for Adverse Impact and OFCCP compliance audits and reporting.  Conduct Compliance reviews and training annually.

Duties and Responsibilities

Administer annual market analysis for Classified and P&A positions, including thorough job matching to external benchmarking sources and validating matches with Unit Managers. Gather, analyze and interpret market data.  Identify pay issues and recommend solutions.


Complete salary surveys, evaluate new survey offerings and recommend their use as appropriate. Input survey results into Compensation database.  Maintain data and job matching integrity in Compensation database. Produce ad-hoc market analysis and compensation reporting.


Develop and/or uses demographic and statistical indicators to determine the extent of conformance with legal, technical and procedural requirements of OFCCP as well as ensure adherence to University policies and external regulations.


Conduct ongoing process of compensation review/analysis to determine trends affecting affected groups and of trends and levels of adverse impact.


Monitor and analyze compensation program and policies to determine systemic discrimination issues. Recommend enhancements to compensation programs and policies.


Conduct self-audits and compliance reviews at least annually.  Conduct compliance training/awareness either formally or informally to HR staff and University leaders.


Assist Employment Services with job evaluations and in-range adjustments.


Communicate compensation analysis results verbally and/or in report format as needed to University department leaders.


Attention to Detail:  Follows established guidelines and procedures to ensure accuracy; gets work right despite pressing deadlines; concentrates on routine work details and organizes and maintain a system of records.

Initiative:  Takes action proactively; addresses issues or opportunities without supervision; focuses on desired results and accomplishments. Works cooperatively with others to accomplish business goals and objectives; asks others for their ideas and opinions; supports team’s decisions; contributes to the team’s efforts.

Critical Thinking:  Defines and resolves a situation or problem by analyzing issues involved, weighing options, and evaluating alternatives; maintains objective attitude; approaches situations and problems systematically; uses observation, experience, reflection, and/or reasoning to drive business forward.

Perform other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Requires a Bachelor's degree in Statistics, Finance, Business, Human Resources, or a related field.  CCP Certification or demonstrated progress toward CCP Certification through completion of course and exam work required.


Three years of related Compensation experience including strong knowledge of compensation principles and techniques including job documentation and evaluation, market pricing, job design concepts, wage and hour regulations and OFCCP regulations.

Additional experience may be used on a one-to-one basis to offset the educational requirements.