Job Title:Cytogenetic Technologist, Chief
Job Code:000339

Job Summary

Supervise and instruct the setting up, growing and harvesting of amniotic fluid and human skin cultures; apply banding techniques to perform correct chromosome diagnosis and karyotype analysis.

Duties and Responsibilities

Direct the laboratory research activities and oversee the work of laboratory personnel.

Supervise the Senior Cytogenetic Technologists, laboratory research technicians and laboratory aides.

Perform chromosome diagnosis from amniotic fluid and human skin biopsy by setting up, growing, and harvesting amniotic fluid and human skin cultures; applying C-, G-, Q-, and R- banding as well as silver straining techniques to perform chromosome and karyotype analysis.

Develop and modify new techniques for different banding patterns.

Provide results of chromosome diagnoses to satisfy physician clinical requirements.

Delegate assignments to ensure minimum turnaround time for "stat" cases of peripheral blood, bone marrow, and tissue cultures.

Review patient records and compare with chromosome diagnosis.

Train new personnel in the methods and techniques of amniotic fluid harvesting, banding techniques, chromosome diagnosis, and karyotype analysis.

Perform related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Training and Skills

Bachelor's degree in Biology, Physics, or related Life Science. Requires completion of Technologist in Byogenetics, CG (ASCP) CM.


Five years of experience in cytogenetics, tissue culture, molecular genetics, and/or molecular biology